> s seat belt required over the shoulder? it is clicked over lap but not over shoulder & still got a ticket! is this

s seat belt required over the shoulder? it is clicked over lap but not over shoulder & still got a ticket! is this

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hi the three point safety belt was designed to give the maximum amount of safety. back in the 1960's when we had the first seat belts which where just lap belts more had fatalities than if they had not been wearing a seat belt.

hence that is why over the shoulder is so important.

It needs to be worn the correct way...which is over the shoulder and across the lap. So if you wear it improperly, yes you can get a ticket.

Yes that's correct.

The law is there to protected people from their own follies

The ticket is correct. You are required to wear a seat belt correctly, and you didn't.

Common sense should tell you that if you weren't wearing it correctly you may get done.

LAW: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/...

... “properly restrained by a safety belt” means that the lower (lap) portion of the belt crosses the hips or upper thighs of the occupant and the upper (shoulder) portion of the belt, if present, crosses the chest in front of the occupant.

If you don't like to wear your safety belt(s), go buy a 1961 model car, or older.

Or like I do -- ride a motorcycle.

Yep. No doubt there's a website out there in interwebs land dealing with traffic and vehicle laws in YOUR STATE. Give it a try, look around, get familiar with the laws in YOUR STATE. Or be educated by a cop. Makes no difference to me.

The officer was correct if he gave you a ticket. Wearing a seatbelt just over your lap keeps you from being ejected from a car. It doesn't keep your upper body in place if you were to get in a wreck and the airbag doesn't deploy. In my state cops actually have to go through an intense class to be certified "seat checkers" basically. But the class involves properly putting in a child seat and correctly wearing a seatbelt.

Yes it needs to be worn correctly and wearing one like that in an airbag equipped car means that the airbag becomes lethal in the event of an otherwise survivable crash and the seat belt pretensioner will not be able to do its job. Even without an airbag fitted a lap belt is next to useless