> new jaguar XE?

new jaguar XE?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
well cars lovers probably know about this car...so to Q: hows jaguars fuel economy..reliability..comfort..suspensio... this car worth buying ?...for upcoming years...?....

it does look well gives great jaguar look at it was..and seems cool sedan to me..much more sporty indeed rather than german cars

The XE is a brand new model with a brand new engine built at land-Rover / Jaguar's brand new engine plant in Wolverhampton. I personally think the car looks great.

How people can 'slate' it, before it's even released is beyond me !

Hi sadly this car make has a very chequerd carreer. not the same car as was the case 40 + years ago.

in recent times the old straight 6 cylinder not V6 or V8 engines they are all FORD engines.

straight 6 and V12 are true jaguars the rest is just plain rubbish.

except the new TATA version and hopefully a new engine. so maybe in 10 years time it might be worth having one again.

I haven't driven one, but I have looked over one heavily at the local auto expo and I was disappointed in the lack of wood trim. Older Jaguars had the most elegant wooden dashboards and that was one of the most appealing things about them. They also depreciate like a rock, so I wouldn't buy new.

The answers in order are: bad, terrible, good, good, no.