> motorcycle problem?

motorcycle problem?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I don't get any current to the live wire on live terminal on the battery only when the electric start is pushed into get current but just the amount clicking noise from the electric start is don't have any spark on the spark plug

I think you need to stop messing with it (whichever bike it is) until you have obtained a good manual for it, read it and understood it. Or find someone that is knowledgeable to mentor you face to face.

Because you seem to be repeating your questions. And you don't seem to understand some of the basic principles of bikes and engines, making some of your questions very difficult to understand.

Pleas, please oh-pretty-please find someone in person that can help you!!!!

You can not get spark at the spark plug without the engine turning over with the starter and your starter is either shorted out or fried by you MESSING AROUND without knowing what you are doing.

NO MORE HELP from me.

If you get no current then the circuit is incomplete, but if you had no circuit then the solenoid would not be clicking.

You are doing more damage to your bike by trying to fix it yourself.

Didja know there are books on motorcycle maintenance and repair? Why yes, there are. Didja know they have pictures in them? Why yes, they do. Didja know if you learn stuff you get so you can figure it out for yourself? Why yes, you can. Didja know there are Youtube vids on electricity and how to use voltmeters and everything? Why yes there are. God helps those who help themselves, babe.

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