> hurt someone at work?

hurt someone at work?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
An accident happened at work just minor and a co worker hurt his ankle and I was driving the forklift I dont have a licence and I told my employer from day 1 and he keeps telling me to go on it and in fear of loosing my job I do .. this co worker is planning on claiming . Im stressing out Could I be liable?


Very unlikely that the claim would be against you - he'll claim against your employer, who will clearly be found liable as he hasn't ensured his FLT drivers are licenced. Also, the solicitors will always go after the company not you, as the company has assets and insurance for this sort of thing - go after an individual and there's a good chance they won't have the assets to pay the costs.

My first thought is, why was this idiot so close to a moving fork lift in the first place. It's just as much the guy with the ankle for getting into a pinch area where he could get hurt as a basic rule of survival. You have nothing to worry about if you were OK'ed by the boss to drive it in his private property business establishment, it goes on his work comp business insurance policy.


Yes, you can be held liable.

If you are in Australia then YES you can be held liable. You Knowingly operated a forklift unlawfully. You would have to prove that your job was actually at stake if you refused to operate the forklift, even then you may still be liable.

Just because your boss tells you to is no excuse. Having said that your Boss will be in 50 shades of sh!t because he knew you were unlicensed and he let you operate the forklift.