> hottle broke on dirtbike?

hottle broke on dirtbike?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I have a 01 kawasaki kx 125 amd I just put a new piston and ring in the tip end and new gaskets I was riding it today and trying to figure out why ir would cut off if not giving it gas and then the thottle started to kinda stick and then the thottle just feels like it brakes it dosent spring back like it should I pulled the thottle cover off and the cable is still connected but dosent work any tips?

Yeah I figured it out the wire is starting to un wrap it's self so I guess a new thottle cable it is their another question I have is I just got this bike 2 days ago and instead of buying a brand new kick start lever that has all the gears and stuff I don't need can I just tho any kick start lever on their?

One of the reasons the throttle is not returning back to "Closed" is the Carburetor has a slide that opens and closes the opening in the carburetor, and what makes it go back to "Closed" is a return spring. Ethanol gas is notorious for this problem. You need to remove the carb and clean it. Take the tank off, remove the old gas, and remove the fuel petcock and clean it out. It will probably have brown crystals clogging everything up. clean the spark plug and give it a try. When storing engines always use some kind of fuel stabilizer.

To clean the Carburetor you should take it all apart, and make sure the Jets are not clogged either. Make sure the Float operates properly too. Good Luck!

As for your kick starter lever. You should look for one on Ebay, So you dont have to buy it new.

If it's not this, it's probably that.

Check everything.

With the throttle cover off, remove the cable from the hand grip.

Does the slide move freely in the carb?

Attach the cable to the slide, pull the cable at the handlebars.

Does it work as it should?

If no, figure out why.

With cable off the hand grip, spin the throttle.

Does it spin freely.

Put the cable back on and make sure the hand grip isn't pushed into the handlebars (from a fall).

Keep checking things until you figure out the problem.

Try lubing the cable and while you're there anyway, clean the crap out of the throttle grip.

i have a 81 honda cb900 custom , can you order a parts catalog anywhere to get parts for it? inherited it from my uncle who passed. any help is appreciated