> car humming noise after driving 20mph, if lift foot off gas pedal, the noise stops.?

car humming noise after driving 20mph, if lift foot off gas pedal, the noise stops.?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
can be a heat shield, some shields require repositioning, some get stones trapped, some require clamps or welding.

The force exerted on the exhaust during the gas pedal application by the engine turning back against wheel rotation or (torque) can disturb a shield. a lean miss or a dead miss can add to it and make it more so.

If you can make it act up at a stop when power braking, it can be isolated by a tech with a lift.

otherwise its a matter of inspections, or using a chassis ear tool.

Sometimes if no fault is found it can be just the throttle cable is against something and the hum "telescopes" via the cable to where the occupants can perceive it. dampening or repositioning parts can be of help.

There may also be a TSB on the concern that alerts your tech to the issue and gives him/her a course of action or inaction based on the analysis by the engineer.

Is it a humming noise specifically, or a vibration that sounds like a hum. Reason I ask is because I've seen plenty of cars that while the car is under acceleration, something that's a little bit loose starts to vibrate harmonically and it sounds a bit like a humming noise, and stops when you decelerate. Either way, without knowing much more it is impossible to tell for sure where it could be coming from. A simple humming noise could mean a million different things from small inconveniences to something that needs to be repaired.

Transmission noise.

@nick gillotti sorry but one ear is kinda muted and i heard the noise with my other ear. ill take it to a mechanic to check the car out.