> can I turn right on red before a car turning left?

can I turn right on red before a car turning left?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I've been driving for about a year( in the U.S) but I'm not sure if I can turn right on red before a car waiting to turn left at a 4 way intersection. Sometimes the cars just sit there so I go first but other times they go first so I wait. I really don't want to cause an accident. How do I make the turn correctly?

Right turn on red is last in the priority of vehicles in the intersection. If you see a red light, it's possible that the vehicles on the opposite side of the intersection could have a green arrow, giving them exclusive right of way - you wait. Of course that depends upon the signalization of the intersection.

well if its a green light and someone wants too turn left at green light then you wait if your light is red because you have to yield but if its a 4 way stop then you go when its your turn. if you arrived 3rd then you will have to wait until the 1st 2 cars go but sometimes some cars are impatient and don't care so you will have to be careful

A car from the opposite direction could NOT make a left turn on red unless turning from a one-way street onto a one-way street. So assuming 2-way streets, if the left turner has a red light, they have to wait. If they get a green left turn arrow or green light before you do, you have to wait.

As long as you have made a complete stop at the red, then you can make your right turn. Make sure you yield to oncoming traffic, that is the traffic that is traveling in your same direction ... the ones who have the green light. It is always better to be extra safe, good for you.

It depends on if the opposite driver is facing a red light or a green arrow. It is also possible the other driver is facing green light or a flashing yellow arrow, although that would be rare if you are facing a red. Furthermore, you can't see their signal from your position, so it can be very hard to know. But the bottom line is that you yield to them. If they are not moving and you have time to clear the intersection before they can reach you for a collision, you can go.

If they also have red lights, then you can go before them.

If they have green lights, then they go first and you wait.

I believe it says in the drivers manual that you have to yield after stopping so no you do not have permission to go first.

it is a 4 way stop and only one person goes at a time. you need to wait your turn, if clear or not.