> 's legal to run over someone over a parking space?

's legal to run over someone over a parking space?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hello last night I went over a mall and I saw a car was ready to take off, so I stay and wait but after they leave a lady came and said that they need it to save it for a friend i told her that she could not do that, that its first come first serve and when I was ready to park a guy that was with her step in front of my car, laughing at me saying that i was not going to park so i stopped 'cause i was not going to run him over, but i felt so angry then them friends came and took the spot, i was so angry that i wanted to run that guy over, but i didn't 'cause i didn't want the police arrest me, but i was thinking i need to know if i could had call the police over this people for stealing the parking spot i was waiting for? and if i can the get to arrest who stood in front if my car, what could i do in those cases, also if is legal that i have run over that guy for taking my spot? of course after that i came back and keyed their car from up to bottom but i think was not enough punishment for them. please hep me thank you!

No, you can't touch someone with your car. That would be assault with a deadly weapon. You could call the police or mall security, but that would take too much time. And they would mostly be there to prevent violence, not to get you into the parking space. In fact, they might ask you all to leave the property. After an altercation like that, you don't want to park there anyway. Your car will be at serious risk for vandalism, as your own actions illustrate. The best thing to do is look for parking somewhere else and forget about it. It is just not even close to "worth it."

Sometimes I love Y!A - "is it legal to run someone over ?" :-)

Yeah, you would have been arrested for intentionally running him over. Serious criminal charges, right to remain silent, don't drop the soap and all that stuff. It's not legal to use a vehicle as a weapon, not even against a douche bag who desperately deserves it.

Believe it or not, a cop wouldn't arrest someone for occupying a parking spot. There's no actual law saying parking spots are first-come-first-served, and cops only enforce actual written laws. Any cop would have told the guy to stop being such a walking talking anus and step out of the way, but no cop would lay a charge over it. Being an anus isn't against the law.

You could, however, be arrested for vandalizing the douche bag's vehicle. It's also against the law to wilfully damage other people's property, even if those other people are total douche bags. But as they say.... it's only illegal if you're caught.

That would be out of line. Just pull up to the space and wait until the lady goes away because nobody else can get in.

Nope, the cops can't arrest them - but can and might arrest you.

Keying the car was a crime.

If you wanted the spot so bad, you should have just sat there.

Their friends can't drive through you, either.

I think you handled it correctly. A new paint job will run them a few grand, or at least their insurance deductible.

No one has a legal right to reserve a space in a parking lot. You need to bone up on personal insults in order to make them come to you.

You don't HAVE to run them over. A person on two legs ALWAYS loses a game of chicken with a car.

Seriously, unless they need the space for a battery jump or something, just nudge em. They'll scream bloody murder but they can't do anything if you gave them time to move. It's a 'parking' spot, not a standing spot.

Karma is a ***** and it works both ways - nuff said.