> Would you let a dude use middle seat that only has a lap belt in your car?

Would you let a dude use middle seat that only has a lap belt in your car?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
my car only has a lap belt in the middle back seat so even tho my car fits 5 my parents won't let me drive anyone there cuz they won't have a shoulder belt. most of friends don't care about that and are cool with wearing just the lap belt.

a seat belt is a seat belt. unless they got rid of lap belts and you were ordered to get a regular shoulder belt then i would say yes. people especially parents need to stop being so ignorant in the sense that young people who lack experience are bad drivers. i see people with more experience then me who are bad drivers. as long as you drive safely and have common sense and good judgement and licensed to drive that type of vehicle then yes otherwise i wouldn't care if they used the lap belt or not. in my state lap belts are legal newer cars don't have them but old cars are not required to get the ones that go across your chest either.

Is what you state as "my car" really owned by you? If so, you can do whatever you wish. If the vehicle was only issued with a center rear seat lap belt then it is still considered a legal restraint system. However, if the vehicle is owned by a parent or guardian you have to abide by their wishes.

A person should not be riding in a car with only a lap belt. Especially with drivers with little experience. If you're involved in an accident you'll understand better but for now just realize that it could make the difference in someone's entire life...

I might, but if it's your parent's insurance, the liability decisions are theirs, not yours

Yes, it used to be cars only had the lap belt, if that.

Well....True. A 3 point belt is always going to be safer than a 'lap'.

However some of us remember the days when car's didn't have seat-belts at all !

Your parents are very wise and your friends do not understand the danger involved. I would never let anyone sit in that center back seat with only a lap belt. Seating positions that only have a lap belt can cause major internal injuries during a car crash. In fact, they may actually hurt you more than if you had not been wearing a seatbelt at all. Lap belt injuries are very dangerous during a car crash and for that reason you should never let anyone sit in that position. One of the biggest dangers surrounding lap belt injuries is paralysis. A lap belt injury is prone to hurting your internal organs, but because of the location, it is also dangerous to your spine. A spinal cord laceration will mean that you won’t be able to move anything controlled by the brain below that cut. Many lap belt victims deal with paralysis. Some have paralysis issues just with their legs, but others report paralysis in all four limbs. In addition, if the vertebrae are broken or dislocated, they could cut the spinal cord on their shape edges when you are moved for treatment. So, even if the car crash itself does not cause paralysis, your actions afterward could. Death is also a distinct possibility with a victim of a crash wearing only a lap belt. Let someone get injured in your car sitting in that center back position and you will be sued for their inures, I guarantee it. Be smart and listen to your parents. Never, ever, let anyone sit in that center back position.