> Will a Suzuki s40 cruise comfortably at 70 mph?

Will a Suzuki s40 cruise comfortably at 70 mph?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hi I currently have a dual sport Honda 250l but I now need to get on the freeway to attend school but the 250 can only cruise at 50 with out being pushed to hard so I was thinking about getting the s40 which is a 650cc engine and in southern califonia the normal freeway speed is about 64 mph but can get up 70 so I was wondering if the bike could handle that speed with having to push the limits thanks. My weight is 150 and I am 6 foot 2 inches

The reviews I can find say it has pretty good performance up to about 75mph, and a top speed of about 90 mph.

So yeah, it should cruise at 70mph prefectly fine. More than that and you are going to "pushing it" The big single has plenty of torque which means decent low end performance, but it's an old school cruising bike, not a sports bike. But perfectly practical for what you want .

Two problems:

1. It is "Okay" to push a small bike. I currently ride a Vespa LX150 -- 150.46cc just barely Freeway Legal -- and I ride the freeways of Los Angeles.


Note: I am not the slowest. You can push a 150cc scoot to 65 mph on the freeways. You can push a 250cc dual-sport to 75 mph. If you want, you can swap sprockets and reduce the RPMs on the freeway.

2. Have you sat on an S40? It is physically a small bike -- same size as the 250cc cruisers, but 50 pounds heavier since the motor is bigger/heavier. If you get the S40 you will probably want to extend the controls forward, and a maybe move the seat back.

That's my old ride, 'cept mine was a 2000 Savage. I did over 85 mph indicated, probably about 80 mph actual. It's a fun bike, good for lazy people. It could accelerate from 30 mph to 85 mph in fifth gear. It could merge the freeways at 70 mph in third gear. But again, you got to be willing to twist the wick.

If you are not willing to push the limits, You need a bigger bike, 800cc or up.

Yes, I would think that the Suzuki Boulevard S40 would make adequate speed for your needs, but I would also look at the slightly heavier twin cylinder mid-size cruisers like the Boulevard M50, Kawasaki Vulcan 900, or the Honda Shadow 750. A bit heavier bike would be more stable and more comfortable on the freeway... Especially when you're sharing the road with big trucks and RV's

Yes, it will.