> Why does everyone always recommend small cars to teen drivers?

Why does everyone always recommend small cars to teen drivers?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Why does everyone recommend that teens get a tiny car as their first car? Ok. I get it. It's good on gas and it's easy to park. Are these cars even safe? Why doesn't anyone recommend a mid sized sedan with a V6? Aren't larger vehicles a little safer? Don't you have more room in case you crash?

Are you talking about safer for the teen driver, or safer for everyone else? In my neighborhood, we had a teenager drive a pickup truck off the road and into the wall of a house with so much speed that the truck went through the kitchen, through the living room, and halfway out the far wall of the house. Oh yeah, before he hit this house, he first hit the house across the side road and removed the last 8 feet off the corner of that house, plus blew away some large metal utility boxes that knocked out power to scores of homes. This was in a 25 mph zone. I suspect he was going 3 or 4 times that speed. And of course completely drunk. Fortunately the people in those homes were in the upstairs levels sleeping, so they were not injured/maimed/killed. A lighter car would have done somewhat less damage and been somewhat less potentially deadly to the people in its path. When someone writes about safety and teen drivers, this is the kind of safety I think about.

I would prefer to think about this particular individual (a resident of our neighborhood) driving around on a moped, hopefully thinking about what might happen to him if he does not drive safely, rather than feeling invincible again in the seat of the new truck his dad bought him to replace the old one

Larger vehicles are definitely a lot safer. I've personally never heard someone strongly recommend a tiny car as a teen's first vehicle, but I think it has to do with how they're a bit easier to navigate in. I'm currently driving my mother's van and it's like driving a tank. Smaller cars means less area around you to worry about- so easier to drive around in and maneuver.

Small cars are equally safe for anyone is them, and safer for everyone else. Larger cars are equally safe for everyone in them and less safe for everyone else.

When a small car and a large car are in the same accident, the damage to the small car looks worse than the damage to the large car. However, this is not because it is a small car. It is because it was in an accident in which the other car was large. Also, a person tends to be injured more if the car is damaged less, and injured less if the car is damaged more.

I agree. A person in a Smart has no chance against a tractor trailer in an accident. A mid size sedan is better.

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Easier to drive.Most have the same safety features.Cheaper insurance.Better mileage and fewrer blind spots and hopefully a better skilled driver by the time they are driving something large.

The bigger the car the higher the insurance is for a teen driver.

Small cars are VERY safe.

so when they crash they kill just themselves, not a busload of innocent victims

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