> Why do people yell at you when you're stuck in the road with car problems?

Why do people yell at you when you're stuck in the road with car problems?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
You have your hazard lights on, it's stressful enough having to sit there and wait for assistance. They can just go around and continue on their way. But no, they have to yell at you and call you a moron.

I'm not trying to excuse anyone from yelling at people during a time of misforture, but you really need to do your best to move the wreck from traffic if you can. Be aware this is STATE LAW to do this in some states, by the way. You see these signs everywhere in Colorado, for example.

They think they are getting away with something.

It is a deep seated childhood hurt that they carry around.

They know better, but cant resist the urge to act like

a spoiled child.

When they break down, and the shoe's on the other foot,

what do they do?

They wonder why people are being so rude to THEM.

They inherit it from their parents and their parents bring it home from work, and school, and church.

anywhere that evil rules the roost. which seems somedays to be anywhere.

Thats why telling a person to stop that behavior, and you dont like it and it's not funny can be effective if enough people want to be kind.

Offer to call help for them, but it is really unsafe to stop, get out and help.

I once had a lady hand me an extinguisher when I was surprised by a sabotaged part in a mustang II.

Saved alot of people alot of unnecessary trouble.

Then a few minutes later some guys all pulled up and pushed it across lanes of traffic to the side.

They gave us a ride 10 miles home.

They were from the same town as we were.

Now that was the good ol days when you knew your neighbors.

The car escaped cremation but eventually went to the great pintostang pile.

I think it's a pontioldsmobuick now. hahaha

Road rage. People are in such a hurry to get there. It's ok if you're a couple minutes late to work because of traffic.

You're not supposed to sit there and wait. You're supposed to push your car off the road, so that they don't have to go around.

It's an intelligence test and they are not getting a passing grade. I often stop to help people stalled in traffic and when drivers honk I yell, "Honk louder! It still isn't starting!" The stranded driver loosens up at that.

Because those people are douche bags. Modern science is working hard, but they still haven't found a cure for jerks.

Because you are not pulled over out of traffic. No, you sit there waiting for the car fairy to tell you to move to the shoulder.

You should be nice enough to get out and push your car off to the side of the road.

If one person yells, maybe he is a jerk. If multiple people are yelling, you should take a look at yourself and consider what you may be doing wrong.

Because people are in a hurry (stressed out) and rude. No one cares that you have a problem and can not do anything