> Whee could I buy a small engine?

Whee could I buy a small engine?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hey, I was wondering if any body knew a junk yard in the Vancouver, WA area that sold or had old 80-250cc motors from lawnmowers etc. Kind of like a pic-n-pull but for small motors. I'm fixing up a bike and want to put a bigger motor in it from a junk yard possibly.

Bike as in a bicycle that is going to be a learning project or a actual motorcycle that you want to put in a larger whatever will fit? Or is it something like the Baja cycles sold by Pep Boys with fat tires and a lawnmower engine with direct drive from centrifugal clutch- like the old original Cushmans? Later models sold seem to have a Comet belt drive that is a CVT unit- still use a horizontal shaft engine. Harbor freight sells a 79cc Honda Clone, 2 hp that has been snuck into a bicycle frame locally. they also have the 212cc 6.hp Predator that is used a lot to replace 4 to 6 hp Brigges and Tecumsehs engines for various uses- these are $99.95 on special or with the coupons- that is what a couple people used for old Doodlebugs/Cushman copies and they do work fairly good for mobile dirt toys. Lawn and Garden shop may have a source for salvaged engines- some of the abused Peerless trannied lower cost lawnmowers would have ruined transmissions but still good engines like a Tecumseh OH8 to 10 or a Brigges IC engine of about same power. Garden tillers are another source of engines when digger drive fails. I got a OH12 Tecumseh from a Bohlens for $25.00 at garage sale and put it into a older Simplicity 700 rider - 7 hp Brigges replaced by 12hp Tecumseh , interesting drive link and motor mounting.

you cant just drop in any motor into a bike.. tranny needs to fit as well as all the other stuff like hoses the frame tanks a slight upgrade is one thing from the same manufacture and also having a suitable donor bike. also motorcycles are horizontal shaft and mowers are usually vertical. No you cant tilt it.. any decent used motor is going to cost at least 100 bucks or more and getting into the larger 250cc more than that..

Harbor Freight sells new motors (both horizontal and vertical) for around $100, They deliver to Canada.