> What kind of engine modifications can I make to a 2015 Dodge Challenger 392 SRT?

What kind of engine modifications can I make to a 2015 Dodge Challenger 392 SRT?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I just bought a 392 SRT Challenger came stock with 485hp. I want it even faster and stronger so I was thinking to add a K&N intake and some long headers to start. Any other suggestions on what I can do? As of now my budget for mods is about $1200. And roughly how much more power will I get with each mod? Thank you.

Frankly you'd probably be wasting your money if you spent it on aftermarket headers and/or an intake for a modern engine that makes 485hp from the factory. Trust me, SRT's powertrain engineers already made very certain that the intake and exhaust flows were optimized for the application or the thing wouldn't be making 485hp off the showroom floor.

In fact, I doubt there are really any mechanical engine parts you can replace that will work considerably better than what's already in place. You don't make 485hp street legal engines by using poorly engineered parts.

One thing that SRT engineers CAN'T do is make something that isn't emissions legal from the factory or Chrysler couldn't legally sell the cars. If you're looking to gain power output over stock (without adding something like forced induction or nitrous oxide anyway), you'd be better off doing something with the engine management system (an electronic tuner, ECU tune) to unlock more power in exchange for making the thing run "less clean" than SRT engineers can let it run from the factory. There's probably more to gain in that regard than by swapping out already well engineered stock parts.

$1200 in bolt-on junk might net you a couple hp at WOT. Nothing actually noticeable in real world driving. Might shave a thousandth off a 1/4 mile time.

$1200 won't even cover labor to pull the engine to do some real work.

If you are going to void your warranty, might as well go all out and dump 5 figures into it.

if you add any mods you are risking voiding your warranty entirely. even tuners can void a warranty. just because you say you remove the tunner before you take it to the dealer they will still know. the computer can tell there was a tunner installed previously. will set off a code for illegal software. you wont know the code is there. it wont even show up in your autozone scanners it will only show up when you hook up the factory scan tool is when you will come across this code and can avoid your warranty

Do you want to void the warranty on that brand new car. If you wanted a faster car then you should have bought the Hellcat. I doubt very seriously that you can even handle the 485 H.P. let alone more.


Just how many speeding tickets do you want to get ? oh & we also have a stunt driving law ( covers everything from spinning your tires to just showing off ) hate to see your car getting crushed in a auto pancake device. Just enjoy your wheels, & keep that paint shiny.