> What is the top excuse for not wearing a seat belt?

What is the top excuse for not wearing a seat belt?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Primarily to go agains the grain much the same as people not reading the posted speed limit and wanting to go 20 MPH plus over the limit. Something in the culture. The photo illustrates the top reason to wear a seat belt, to obey speed limits and to look out for the mistakes of others. It is deadly to be foolish. In a similar crash, in my area a 15 year old girl, wearing her seat belt but texting, missed the only STOP sign in her subdivision to the main road. The 20 year old male dirivng 10 miles above the speed limit of the road did not have any time to slow down or stop. She was killed. IF the 20 year old had been at or below the speed limit, she would have survived.

there is NO good excuse for not using a vehicles' safety belt ( I have NEVER used a SEAT belt in over 40 + years of motor vehicle operation, since I don't care about the seat being saved, but a life is different )........many people cite being lazy or " I won't get in an accident " malarkey

There are lots of excuses but no valid reasons ( at least in the eyes of law ).



I don't like the darned things.

Even worse in my mind is the reasoning that it helps me control the vehicle by keeping me in the seat.....if I'm flying out of the seat, I sure aint in control!

Wrinkling their clothes or the best is too tight near their neck.

I don't have a brain

Not going very far

Forgot I had one.

It was jammed maybe