> What is the best beginners bike?

What is the best beginners bike?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hey guys! So I'm in the process of getting my liscense finally! So I'm looking up and researchig all the different bikes that are good for beginners. I don't wanna be one of those idiots that get one for its speed, I don't wanna go any higher than 300cc. I want to start from the bottom and build myself up to more powerhouse bikes.

Now I really like the look of the sportsbike/crotch rocket(I've heard both terms used) I love how it's small and some can be very sleek looking.

Of the research I did do, I fell in love with the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Is that a good brand and bike to go with? I've been told that Yamaha and Honda are better.

I'm looking for as much info as possible. I've read lots and been told many things, but any advice is still good advice! thanks so much (:

Oh, and Once I get really into Motor Biking I'll get a nice Cruiser!

" ... I want to start from the bottom ... " -- so I am looking at a 100 mph to start.

If you want to start at the bottom, you start with a pedal bicycle, riding on the streets, following the rules of the road (which most bicyclists don't.)

Next rung is a 50cc scooter, on which you can do 40 mph.

Rung three will be a 125-150cc bike, one which can do 55-65 mph.

Once you have figured how fast speed actually is and how far you need to be able to stop before you ran into things, you get an *middleweight* motorcycle, a 250cc class which is capable of 75-100 mph, capable of Interstate cruising.


You don't want to start at the bottom, you do not want a "beginner" bike. You want to start out at the middle. Not worry, no one wants to start at the bottom. Which is why the death rate on motorcycle accidents is over three times higher now than when I started. (on a Honda Sport 50)

Assuming you don't want a Honda Grom 125 or a SYM Wolf 150 and get right into freeway speeds, any 250cc class motorcycle will suffice -- take your choice from sporty, standard, dual-sport, cruiser, or even scooter. Twins have more horsepower, so you can go faster; or a single with it's higher torque and street performance.

Take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. After that you will be better able to decide what kind of motorcycle you want.

You can then check Craigslist. People give private motorcycle riding lessons ($42-$45 here in Pasadena California). Some folks will let you choose to take a lesson on a Honda Nighthawk 250 (standard) or a Honda Rebel 250 (cruiser style).

A rice-burner is a rice-burner is a rice-burner. They are all pretty good. If you really want to start with a rider-friendly bike, look at the Yamaha TW200. Low seat, do-it-all, great gas mileage. Do NOT buy a bike for its fairings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yRtl2ud...

Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda all good well respected motorcycle makers

Nice and Cruiser do not go together for me though