> Tornado safety for mobile home/trailer?

Tornado safety for mobile home/trailer?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I live in a mobile home/trailer with my family and I read online that if there is a tornado heading your way and youre in a mobile home you have to go outside and get in a ditch, but we dont have any ditches outside and my mom said that just getting between two mattresses would be fine...?

Considering the entire mobile home will be destroyed IF the tornado hits it two mattresses, or getting in the bath tub is NOT going to do anything to help you.

The reason to get into a ditch is because the ditch is lower than the surrounding ground surface and the tornado will go OVER you.

IF I lived in a tornado area I would dig me a trench, just like the Army builds. 6 feet deep 4 feet wide and about 12 feet long. Then I would cover it with a heavy piece of steel except for 3 feet on one end. That is where you can get in and out at. The trench will keep you from being blown away and the steel will protect you from debris that may land on top of you.

For whatever reason, severe storms love trailer parks. It's like mobile homes have a big target painted on them during a tornado.

If you're in your trailer and a tornado hits it, or if the tornado picks up a tree and throws it into your trailer, two mattresses aren't going to offer much protection.

If you're in tornado alley, you need to do one of two things: Build a tornado shelter, or get the hell out of Dodge whenever a storm is approaching.

First off, the chance of getting hit by a tornado is much less than having a car wreck. Do you wrap your self in mattresses to drive or ride in a vehicle? When I lived in a house with wheels, I would go to someone's stick built house to weather out the storm. I remember one night when there was waves on the waterbed and momma wasn't getting any. We vacated the mobie home.I live in an open area in a stick built house. Whenever there is a tornado heading our way or large hail, we get in the vehicles without full insurance coverage and drive them and ourselves out of danger. Tornadoes move about 30 mph and are always less than one mile wide, so obviously if the roads are clear, you can get out of the way of a tornado in less than 1 minute.

Most mobile homes will be torn to pieces in a tornado or hurricane. Just look at how they are built. Get out until the danger has passed.

If you don't have time to get out of the area, your best bet is to get in the bathtub with a mattress over you.

I'd keep looking. The worst time to look for some solid shelter is when you see it coming at you ...