Posted at: 2015-04-14 
i have streetbike zx10 09 1000cc i just bought the bike used with 5000 miles and has been low side it but no damage any way my question is when i ride on 2th/3th/4th/5th/6th gear with steady speed WHEN I LET THROTTLE BIKE START SLOW DOWN AND WEHN I GET BACK IN THE THROTTLE BIKE TAKE PART OF THE SECOND TO RUN AND MY BIKE SHAKE, BIKE HAS AFTERMARKTE EXHAUST SHORT ONE. PLEASE HELP SOME GUY TOLD ME I NEED POWER COMMANDER

What kind of mods does it have, air filter, full exhaust??? If any of those you should look into a power commander..or are you going 30 mph on 6 gear as that will also cause it to shake

Inspect the air filter.

Clean or replace as necessary.

Check that the ports going into the air box aren't clogged or restricted.

Small animals like to build nests in tight areas.

You probably aren't down shifting and so are lugging the engine in too high a gear when you try to accelerate again .

Try down shifting when you decelerate .

I doubt that's the problem. Check your choke and your idle. You should be fine. Unless there is other issues. I'd honestly need to hear/see or feel it for my self to be sure

Not sure but drive safe out their