> Suspisious black van?

Suspisious black van?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
So when my my mom and i were walking home ( 3:00pm) there was this black van. We go seperate ways (i go home, she goes to work) when i cross the street by myself this black van came out out of nowhere. I was scared so i ran home ( half a block) then when i get out i look out the window and i see the van circled the blick twice. Its now 7:00pm and i see the same van parked right outsite my house.

Don't worry about it - there is nothing unusual about any of that except you noticed it... somebody looking for an address and found it near your home. No sinister explanation makes much sense. If it was a criminal he would be a lot less obvious than that. Would you be as concerned if a silver VW bug drove around looking for an address and found it near your house? The whole "black van" thing is strictly for B grade movies. The notorious serial killers, Roy Norris and Lawrence Bittaker, used a silver van for their murders when they needed a van - a black one was too conspicuous.

Call your mom, tell her to come home.. and if they approach the door and you dont know who they are or they look dodgy i would call the cops tell them whats happening and if they show up and it was all a miss understanding they will understand :) better to be safe then sorry :)

black van is the security services

white van is a sexual predator


providing you haven't been downloading pirated films, you'll be fine

Tell them to get away from your property. If they do not listen call the cops.

call the cops and then dont complain when someone gets shot

That's what we pay cops to look into - & they will....

i would call the police or another adult that you trust