> Suing a car dealership?

Suing a car dealership?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I recently went to get my MOT done and they have to fit new break pads and discovered that the bolts that came with my car were not the right ones, is there any way to sue because this could have been really dangerous if I was stranded and needed to change a tyre?

No, the case would be impossible to prove. You would only have a case if yoiu could prove without doubt that the dealer selling the car knew that the bolts were the incorrect ones. Ndealer, or private seller, is going to go over a car with a fine tooth comb to check that every bolt is the correct original type. Even if you could prove that he knew the bolts were incorrect your only loss would be the cost of 4 new bolts. The fact that the bolts were not the correct ones does not necessarily mean that they were in any way a danger.

Who put the bolts on the caliper?

When was the last brake work done?

What do you drive?

Is there a factory bulletin? or recall?

Did you bring this to the attention of the last company to repair or replace it?

was an attempt to verify you have the correct bolts

brought to the attention of the selling dealer?

If you dont act within reason, you cant sue people. effectively.

Since you havent given the facts, noone can answer you.

First of all, it's BRAKE, not 'break'.

Can you sue? Yes. But the more important question for you is 'do you have a strong enough case that you can win'? No. The reasoning behind it is simple: 1) nothing really happened and 2) you can't prove the dealership is at fault.


That would depend if it was new or used when you bought it

If New you would have a case

If used then the previous owner would have changed them not the dealership. The most common cause is the ones who have Steel original Rims then fit Alloy ones which take different bolts

Andy C

You got away with NO accident - no-one got hurt, no-one got killed. Be glad about that, and check every new used car you get hold of.

I reckon Andy hit it on the head, it's often the case that a car came with steel wheels, and an owner fitted a set of used alloys, and didn't fit the special bolts or nuts that they NEED to be safely secured on the car.

Sue happy aren't we. You do not have any proof that the dealership did anything wrong. Who knows the shop installing the BRAKES pads may have told you that just to make more money off of someone that can be very gullible.

Can you prove the dealer was responsible? As it is more than three years old anyone could have fitted incorrect bolts. The dealer is not expected to inspect every part of the car prior to sale. That's your responsibility. Even if you knew who fitted these bolts, litigation is horrendously expensive. So unless you have money to burn just be thankful your MOT man is on the ball.

And on what grounds would you sue? How have you suffered financially or physically as a result? Have you a financial means to bring the suit? Do you know the dealership were responsible?

In short, don't be silly, of course you can't sue.

What were your actual damages? None. You can't sue for potential damages. You are limited to making them correct the problem at their expense or your expense. If that were possible, the we could sue tire companies for potential accidents if a tire fails. Everyone who drives a car could sue before the tire fails. Sounds ludicrous, doesn't it.

You can't sue for "could have been". If there had been an accident or whatever, you could TRY, but even then, you have no idea who did the change.