> Smallest street legal car?

Smallest street legal car?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I hate driving cars. They are always too big, too wide, and full of blind spots and useless "features". I have always had a thing for Go Karts, and I love them more than any other vehicle. The feeling of being so low to the ground, being no wider than an ATV, and not taking up any space or gas. The maneuverability is great. Unfortunately, Go Karts just are not "street legal", unless you want to dish out $49,000+ for an Ariel Atom or KTM X-bow (which I would love if I could).

So I ask, what is the smallest car that gives that compact feeling, and doesn't cost $50,000.

- I don't mean Jeeps or Smart cars.

- Yes, I am aware of the "dangers".

- I would prefer 2 seats or 1 seat central steering.

Also, while I'm asking, how much can you strip from a car, and still be street legal?

Doors, the roof, the body, it's all just looking to get scratched and whatever. No, I'm not worried about the rain, people get their Jeeps and Convertibles soaked all the time. If you have leather seats and no carpet, a simple dehumidifier will strip all moisture.

Depends upon what you want to define as a car and what the authorities will allow on the roadways. The Polaris RZR and others like them can be licensed for on-road and off-road in some locations. They can be had new for a little under $20k. 2 and 4 passenger models are available. This are open air 4wd vehicles capable of moderate highway speeds (but seldom driven on roadways over 45 mph).

For something commonly available, affordable, and relatively practical to own: Mazda Miata. Or any other similar car such as Honda S2000, etc.

Legally a motorcycle, but it looks like a car to most people:


If you don't mind the weather, a Morgan 3-wheeler.

Not the smallest but a Super 7 is something you might like. http://www.super7cars.com/

Edit: oh, pricey.... Go get a Miata.

You might like a Fiat 500. It is small, but well built and costs less than $20,000.