> Should I reporting her license plate?

Should I reporting her license plate?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
This driver firstly failed to give way when she was turning onto the main road so I saw this car slam on their breaks as she went in front of them. As I went to look if she hit them, All I saw was her cutting across 2 lanes and literally driving into the side I was sitting on, so my friend swerved into another lane and hit the breaks and we almost hit a tree. I opened the window as we went after her and started yelling at her and she was just laughing and cut us off again and turned into a street.. I managed to get the license plate but as I was so shaken up I couldn't get to my phone on time to take a photo of the car.. So I put down the license what, what time it happened and on which road.. If I report her, will it just be a waste of time and the cops wont do much about it?

Thank you! xx

yep it would be a waste of time... now if you had VIDEO of her driving... that would be evidence. All you have right now if your word against hers. Which is nothing.

if you do then be prepared to go to court so you can tell what you saw to the judge and also it won't look good for you that you were going after her and yelling. She will just say she saw some crazy guy in a car following her and yelling and she got scared and took off.

That makes her the winner and you doing wrong. You aren't supposed to go after people, you call the cops and they go after people. You might wind up with the fine.

why would you go after her? a friend of mine did the same thing and you know what happened to him? the driver smashed into him on purpose and his car flipped into the ditch. never go after someone because you never know what kind of personality they have. try and do that to someone that has mental problems. you won't even seem so tough at all. you know how many times i have almost crashed? there is no point of reporting her because everyday you might run into someone like that and that is why we have defensive driving. i almost crashed so many times but because i am a defensive driver i know how to avoid it. the number of times drivers have failed to yield while turning left on a green light and that i have to slam my breaks is incredible but i just go on with my life. i think you need to learn how to become a defensive driver because your situation was really avoidable because if you see a car that cuts everyone off then adjust your speed. its called defensive driving

The cops won't do a thing about her unless they personally see her doing something. Even though she's a hazard to other drivers if she doesn't hit someone forget it. If they investigated every complaint about bad drivers they wouldn't have time for anything else and it would be her word against hers anyway.

I think something should be done over it. To many lives lost on road

It was a female driver. Don't they always drive like that? They don't care who or what is around them just as long as they get to where they want to go.

Yes. You should if you have motive to suspect her of anything.