> Should I get a motorcycle or just keep my money and spend on other things?

Should I get a motorcycle or just keep my money and spend on other things?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Its long but please read.

I've taken the MSF course and passed and I have had my motorcycle endorsement for months and I saved money from working and may be recieving a financial aid refund check in a few days (which will be more than enough to buy gear also and have leftover money) and I planned for months to use it to buy a motorcycle. I attend a university, have a car, and I live just 10 minutes away and don't really travel far. However, I'm not sure if I should just save the money and buy stuff or whatever, or if I should take the opportunity and get what I want, I'm Really Confused. What do you motorcyclist and others think?

Should I save my money and go on with life?

OR, if I should buy one, what kind and how much power is good for a female beginner?

Ps. I'm 5'6 and 127lbs. Thank You.

As a motorcyclist I say get one. But, as college student it's probably wiser for you to put the money away. What is your living situation? Do you have room for another vehicle, can you afford the insurance and more importantly the maintenance on a bike. Riding a bike is relatively cheap but maintaining one can get get pricey, even if you do the work yourself. All that being said, it seems that you already put significant time and effort towards riding. Only you can decide what kind of bike to get, to me, the most important aspect of buying a bike is the fit and comfort, And, the funnest aspect of buying one is going to the bike shops and sitting on them. Take a weekend to go to the bike shops, more than likely the right bike will find you if at all. I will tell you that the first couple of bikes I had were by chance, after I sold those, It took 20 years before I could get into riding again. Life got in the way, marriage, kids, etc. Keep this in mind when deciding, the same opportunities don't always present themselves twice.

You are a college student, which means you are already pretty-well strapped. You have transportation, which is probably more then most of your class mates. Don't see a 'need' for a 'cycle. Do you live in a climate were you could use a bike year-round ?? Do you have a safe place to store it? How much would insurance be ?? Keep digging into ownership if you wish, but seems like a waste of valuable $$$$ to me.

This is really down to how exposed to the elememts youd like to be i think, if you have no kids or dont need to take a crap load of stuff with you to uni its a no brainer to get rid of the car and get a motorcycle since you only live a short while away and the fuel savings and insurance savings would be astronomical. Considering the distance you need to cover, best economy and learner statis id say a 125cc would be perfect for you

If you want a motorcycle I say go for it! They're a lot of fun. If you spend your money on other things you will wish you would of bought a motorcycle.

Get a bike, get a Kawasaki 300 if a sport bike is your thing! I'm shorter then you weigh more though, ha! Anyways the 300 has been really good to me, us it's really enjoyable to ride.

They are not that expensive either.


Enough said!

Still not sure? Ask your parents. We're STRANGERS after all! We don't give a sh!t about you whereas parents will literally die for you... Trust me.

im a new rider, have had my bike for a few months and absoloutly love it man, its like a lifestyle and you will meet so many other riders and when you pass them on the streets most of them wave at ya and you wave back. Its just tons of fun and if you really want a motorcycle you will get one. If you dont really have that passion to ride then dont get one because you might possibly get bored with it and be stuck with all the gear and the expensive bike and have to sell it now for much less than you paid

but if you just picture yourself on the bike and riding anywhere you want and having the time of your life then id say go for it man

If you have more money on your savings go buy but if this is your only saving walk away from motorcycle. ..you will have many opportunities to buy motor in the future. ..With saving money you are going to feel more secure

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Shelter and food come first.

The rest is whatever you decide.