> Removing rust in motorcycles gas tank?

Removing rust in motorcycles gas tank?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Okay so i may just be paranoid but the last time i rode my bike is 12/18/14 and it is now like 2 weeks later and I've been out of town visiting my girlfriend since then. Anyway i was storing the bike in my parents garage in Colorado. Apparently when i left they decided to use the garage and left it outside in the snow and cold since then and i just got back. They threw a tarp over it and everything so now snow would coat it but im just worried that in the time i was gone some rust may have formed which is the last thing i want. What can i do to prevent it for a couple weeks at this point until i can just take is out for a bit. Like can i fill it up now and not worry since it hasn't been that long? The bike is a 1995 Suzuki GSXR 750. Thanks everyone.

Current fuel contains ethanol – which attracts water, promotes corrosion and gunges up in your tank.

So it is far better to have a completely empty and dry tank and carbs (or injectors) than have a filled tank. Emptying the tank and the carbs, spraying the whole interior of the tank with GT85 (which is fine to allow to mix with fuel when the time comes to ride again), and when closing the cap insert a couple of thin sheets of polythene to block the aperture.

Failing that use a fuel stabiliser in a filled tank which should prevent the concentration of water.

It's only been two weeks. You have nothing to worry about. I ride my bike whenever I get the chance in the winter. I just add some STP to the gas when I fill up with non ethanol premium.

You MAY have rust or your DO have rust. Take a look inside the tank. You may be worrying for nothing.

There are rust coatings that can be applied to a clean tank. Check out POR15: http://www.por15.com/Fuel-System-Restora...

Shouldn't be a problem but find someplace to store it out of the weather and make sure the fuel tank is full.

Keep the tank filled with gas - there will be no room for moisture to get in.

Treat the gas with gas stabilizer to prevent it from going bad.


like u can fill it up