> Red Light Camera in Peel question?

Red Light Camera in Peel question?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I was driving on Torbram taking a left onto Bovaird Drive (Brampton). There was a car in front of me that was already in the middle of the intersection and I was half-way through the stop line and the intersection. The lights turned yellow and by the time the car infront of me turned it had just turned red. I was in the middle of stop line and intersection and I made the left right behind the guy in front of me. All of this was before the lights turned green in the other direction.

I know there is a red light camera at the intersection but I m not sure if it faces towards Bovaird or Torbram... do you think this will result in a ticket?

If you saw a flash when you were terning then yes. If you did most red light camera tickets can't be fought in court. But you could try anyways.

If it does and clearly shows your car over the stop line, argue that you were across the line and thus in the intersection - you had to clear the intersection as provided by law.

Check with your local legal aide. You shouldn't be ticketed for it, but you never know - if they think you will just pay the fine and never appear to contest it, then they will issue one.

It is probably illegal to share lanes in your state. The Audi will be picked up for (1) lane encroachment; (2) failure to stop and render aid; (3) hit and run. Report to you insurer and leave them to handle it. Get some driving insruction as clearly the incident was made worse by grossly inept control of the car that collided.

That's why we don't proceed into an intersection unless we know we can clear it.