> Not a biker don't ride or own a bike want to wear a "cut" am I ok to do this?

Not a biker don't ride or own a bike want to wear a "cut" am I ok to do this?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I'm an Army Veteran and would like to proudly display my Military service on a leather vest (cut).

The only patches I plan on sewing on are those pertaining to my Military career. I will not be putting ANYTHING on pertaining to any MC.I don't ride and I don't own a bike and have been told I might have problems with real bikers if i display patches on a vest. Others have told me most bikers respect the Military and it would be a non issue. I want to wear this freely without the fear of ridicule or anxiety of potentially having trouble come my way. So is this an ok thing to do? I've been told yes by some and no by others. I'm a Paratrooper and the only thing I've ever "ridden" is a parachute...is that a fair response to the question "What do you ride..."

'Cut' or 'cutoff' refers to the old denim jackets with the sleeves 'cut off' and worn over the other riding clothes- including leather jacket. The denim jacket with or without sleeves had the club colors and other patches easily sewn on it. Some of the clubs had colors directly on leather jackets- recognizable but sometimes a bit impracticle in warm rooms- so a denim set of colors that could be worn without leather jacket at campground, bars was often preferred. Easier to take off and put in roll or saddle bag when discretion preferred. Leather vest is a third alternative- and is not a 'cut off'. Military patches only on a vest won't get any hassle from 'bikers', might get you hassled by Liebural Democrats that don't like military.

May I recomend Joining the Christian Motorcyclist Association. Many Members that wear the leather and patches don't even own a motorcyle. All the Association asks of you is that you accept Jesus and have a love for motorcycles. One woman I see at the meetings Joined because her son rides a motorcycle. Her son is not a member of the CMA. She wears the patches and leather. But refusses to actually ride the motorcyle. Says it is too scary. But, she is the person to call if you get a flat tire and need her come with her pick up. Yes you can wear the leather and put whatever you want on it. The Hells angles only get excited when they see their patch worn by someone that is not a current member of their club. By the way. It was a group of retired Air Force Pilots that started the Hells Angels.

Where it and be proud. Most bikers would respect that as long as you don't try to fake being a biker. Be prepared for some places that will have a sign, "no colors allowed" which doesn't refer to the flag but to biker cuts that can be provocative in some instances. respect that. You served with pride, now don't fear displaying it.

Hello, Chris.

Your wearing a vest is basically a non-issue. Your service is respected.

Your choice not to wear anything motorcycle (especially club) is a good one.

My vest has only two motorcycle related patches - the rest are all military related. A couple of POW/MIA, Army dad, Marine uncle, and my own Service, U.S. Navy. While I ride with the Patriot Guard Riders, I do not wear their patch. This allows me to wear my others at any time I please (PGR is not allowed to represent anything political, by law).

If you choose to wear a flag, place it properly.

As billchrogan notes, there have been some places that have hassled vets with the no-colors rule. A vest is easier to take off than your only shirt.


Exo............... that's navel, as in pick the lint out.

I am a veteran and ride with the Patriot Guard and have lots of my military service related items on my vest. All the bikers I know have the highest respect for veterans. I would have no problem with you wearing a vest and displaying military items and I cannot see any other biker having a problem with it. Be sure and put the American flag on the left side above your heart. No patch above the flag. Put it someplace else and you will be called out. Everything else is your choice but avoid anything motorcycle related. So my advice is to get you a vest and wear it proudly.

Hey Bro! Thanks to men like you, we all live in a 'Free' country. You can wear any thing you like, and have laws to protect that right...it just may take legal protection a great deal of time to arrive in regards to displaying that right...so do use some caution.

How we live in a government that protects and allows @ss holes with towels on their heads to burn American flags as a right of self expression but live in fear displaying a counterfeit motorcycle club patch is a total mystery to me?

First off. Thank you for your service to this counrty. As long as you don't claim a state, you just put military stuff on it. NO ONE WILL MESS WITH YOU. Promise. 99% will show you respect for who you are. Now there is/are @ssholes everywhere. Let them be that. Be proud of who and what you are. Thank you again.

Look up the "rules" to wearing a cut.

Look up "three piece rocker".

Follow the "rules" and you won't make a fool out of yourself.

It's OK, just dont pretend to be something you're not !

If your question is about Army regs post under Military. If you are concerned about your own feelings post under Naval Contemplation.