> My friend is an inconsiderate driver?

My friend is an inconsiderate driver?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hi, me and my friend are both 18 years old and both have cars which we drive regularly. However, I am becoming increasingly concerned about how my friend drives. He constantly goes way over the speed limit; on the road leading to our school which is a 40mph, he often goes around 70mph. He uses his phone when driving to change music or to check texts, he also does this when he is going 30mph over the speed limit.

He also has the audacity to call me a bad driver for going at the speed limit. He doesn't see anything wrong with how he drives, it's as if he thinks there is one rule for him, and one rule for everyone else. He has nearly crashed into the back of a car on a few occasions because he was distracted, I had to shout stop to alert him to the car in front.

No matter what I say, he is adamant that there is nothing wrong with the way he drives. This worries me, is there anything I can say to get him to stop driving like a complete prat. Thanks.

He may be your friend but you should never ride in his vehicle.......EVER...... .Your question indicates you already know he is an accident waiting to happen and the passenger seat in his car has to be considered a suicide seat.

Just don't ride with him. You can't make him drive safely, but you can avoid being in the car when he crashes it.

He's not going to listen because he'll think your way of driving is lame. Don't think a cop giving him a ticket would change things either. All you can do is 'Ain't riding with you..scare the f out of me dude.'


Simple don't get in with him.

Andy C

You are risking you life Friend, Please tell him in no uncertain terms that if he carry's on

driving the way he does you will make your own way.

Please please don,t risk your life for this idiot. Plus he will never learn.