> Motorcycle won't start?

Motorcycle won't start?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
So January 30th I got into a small wreck on my 1995 GSX-R 750. Some one cut me off hard in traffic and I ran into the back of them. Once I got my bike home I tarped it until I had the money for everything I noticed. I got new levers since my clutch lever broke off at the base. So until today I was unable at get it out of whatever gear it was in when I went down. Once I saw the neutral light I pulled the clutch in and pressed the ignition and not even a sound. Since it has been around a month and a half since I wrecked I thought maybe it was a mostly dead battery. Before I do anything like get a new battery I want to see what everyone else thought it could be. So here's what I've done.

The headlight mount bracket was bent so I removed it

There was a wire I had to cut to remove the cowl bracket above.

Just put new levers on today

Shifter is broken but you can grab it with pliers and shift with the clutch in

I'm also pretty sure it was running when I went down and slapped the kill switch

Please help to get my bike back on the road. Thanks everyone

You cut wires and things aren't working, sounds good. (not really!).

First off charge up the battery, clean all the connections to that.

Try again.

If a no-go and this being on the kickstand side the kickstand 'down' sensor may be a fault.

Since it sat for awhile.old ethanol fuel may have gone sour.

There is a list other other things but that 'cut' wireis on the top of the list.

Nice bike... bummer dude. Take off all of the fairings so you can get at everything. One of the downsides of going down is the battery is lying on its side and leaks acid onto your bike, thereby stripping the paint from the battery box and corroding it. Might be a good idea to remove the battery and the battery box and brush the box and bike tubing thoroughly with a baking soda + water paste to neutralize the dried battery acid (assuming a lead-acid battery). If you catch it in time you may not have to repaint the battery box and whatever else is corroded.

1. Charge the battery.

2. Figure out what wire you cut.

3. Check fluids.

4. Start bike.

Make sure you inspect the fork trees, forks, swingarm, chain, wheels/tires, bearings, etc. before even thinking about driving it.

try to jump start it off a car battery