> Is it wrong to have a t-shirt made with sons of anarchy patches?

Is it wrong to have a t-shirt made with sons of anarchy patches?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Will bikers in my area see this as disrespect if I have the California rocker in the bottom. I like the show and wanna to show it. Please no smart *** answers.

A logo on the front is fine. But don't wear anything that states territory, or has the rocker present on it. It is disrespectful to clubs, and they take it that way. It's not worth getting yourself in trouble over it.

You probably already know it isn't a good idea. If you just wear it to middle-school or something like that, the odds of anything happening is next to nil. If you wear it to a big ralley like Laughlin or Sturgis dressed like a fake biker, the odds increase dramatically. If you aren't in a club, dressing up like you are is pretty douchey anyway.

I live in Cali. For your own safety DONT put any rocker on you. You are making a bold statement. Most people don't understand that stuff, but those of us who do. It will be a statement and unless your willing to fight about it. Just where a Tee shirt from the store. No one will care.

That all depends if you like to watch Peg Bundy getting it on.

Because of that, I'd rather watch Brian Bosworth kick the crap outta bikers and firing the Calico Liberty 9mm with the 50 round clip!(pre-propane era)

Colors promoting firearms are always welcomed by bikers, so just run your SOA with crossed ,"DPMS PANTHERS" or "RUGER 556's" or "SIG 556's" or if you want Highend "Knights Armament SR-15, 25, 30 etc."

Most real outlaw clubs know the 'Sons of Anarchy' is a movie fake club- the only real 'legal' trouble is trademark infringement. 'Fake' motorcycle club wannabees do have hassles when doing silly things like going out in public with 'colors' that don't have actual club backup or sort of copy real club-- you may get the colors pulled, may get punched, may get motorcycle stolen or your wallet taken under threat. Do you carry a pistol and bowie knife, chain belt? Last year was a couple innocent incidents- the guy wearing the 'Colors' had a actor union card and a pay stub from the show as a extra, no hassles after showing them. Other incident the 'old lady' and the motorcycle were taken for the weekend..

ask a club member,they may take offence with the bottom rocker,most clubs are very territorial.