> Is it true that riding motorcycles is unsafe?

Is it true that riding motorcycles is unsafe?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Going outside your house, in general is unsafe!

But staying inside could be too.

There is risk in everything.

With a motorcycle, there is the extra risk of being inexperienced.

The main risk is about being relatively unprotected while driving it.

Especially unprotected from the other drivers, some of them who are incapable of seeing the motorcycle in sunny daylight. Night being worse. Rainy night being extremely bad.

Some bad habits of some careless motorcyclists put them at extreme risk.

Think about it this way.

Sit on the motorcycle.

Just let it fall, while you are sitting on it, and see what happens.

This will be the absolutely most minimum injury situation.

Add some speed and some other drivers, and imagine about the safety.

Yes. I had 5 motorcycles from 1985-98. I am happy to report that I am still in one piece and am still walking and talking. The worst I ever received was brush burns and scrapes. Motorcycles are fun but they are also high risk and dangerous. It is the unsafe automobile drivers that you have no control over that always frightened me. As before mentioned road hazards potholes leafs weather are also factors. The other frightening aspect is animals deer in particular. I had several friends who were in not fatal but serious accidents. I quit because I did not want that to happen to me. The one area it really helped me was it made my skills as an automobile driver improve. I have many fond memories of riding however it is over.

hell no it's not safe your on a machine with two wheels that does not have as much protection as a car obviously I ride myself and can tell you from experience that there are a lot of dangerous factors Cars,items in the road,wind,weather,road conditions you can make it safer if you take precautions always be a defensive rider take a course always wear a helmet never become complacent it's really fun riding i love it but it will always be dangerous

Riding a motorcycle is totally safe!! (falling down and crashing is not safe.)

A motorcycle is quicker, more agile, and has no "blind" spots. On a motorcycle you can see every vehicle and hazard and avoid everything. Unfortunately, most people do not watch the road and traffic, which is why the statistics are slanted against motorcycles.

Not as unsafe as falling off one.

I know 3 people who had very bad motorcycle accidents. Two are dead.

None of my freinds were killed in car accidents.

Much less safe than any other way of being on the road. Not because of the rider's skill but because of the way a biker gets injured in any crash regardless of fault.

It can be if you don't know how to ride a motorcycle

Yes, it is true. See my source for some measurements.

There's a reason that medical workers and transplant specialists call them donorcycles.

Yes its unsafe, most of the time its cause there are some cagers that shouldnt be on the road.