> Is it possible to downshift a sport bike, just as you would do on a manual car?

Is it possible to downshift a sport bike, just as you would do on a manual car?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Sounds you like are asking if you can downshift to increase your RPMs and get more power for acceleration. The answer is yes. This isn't just for sport bikes but for motorcycles in general.

Just like with cars, you can't downshift too far or your engine will try to spin faster than it can. The bike will let you know if this is the case.

There are some differences like another poster mentioned. You can't go from sixth directly to fourth gear. You have to step through fifth gear.

And this is a bike so you can be pretty reckless shifting a car without it flipping you. Bikes are more selective about who they like on top.

Presumably, assuming it has a manual transmission.

But this is not the right section: bicycles shift up and down (except fixies and single speeds) but they aren't motor bikes. You will probably get better results if you ask this in the Motorcycle section under Cars and Transportation or Motorcycle Racing in Sports.

Yes except the method of selecting gears is sequential and not on an H pattern and if you shift to too low a gear, particularly whilst cornering you could cause the rear end to lose grip and cause you to fall off.

How else are you going to get back to first gear.

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Exactly the same.

You betcha!

Of course...