> Is it ok to leave a motorcycle/bike in cold weather?

Is it ok to leave a motorcycle/bike in cold weather?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I'm getting my first ever motorized bike this week. It's a standard bicycle with an engine kit (that I got off eBay) installed. This means everything--engine, parts, carb, gas tank--will be exposed to the elements. The thing is I live just outside of Boston where the winters are harsh--lots of cold weather and snow. Temperatures can dip into the teens (°F). I'm planning on riding it most days, if it's not a blizzard outside. As far as storing it, I have an apartment that's heated & regulated well. I attend classes at a nearby university so that means I'll be leaving it exposed outside for up to 3-4 hours a day, for several months . I was thinking about getting a cover, but I'm not sure how much that'll do. Remember, I'm a first time motor bike owner so I have zero idea how to maintain it. I thought I'd start here and get some opinions from experienced riders who know what they're doing. If you could give me just a general idea or some guidelines....what to do, what not to do, etc. That would be great! Thanks in advance for your time.

If your engine is a 4 cycle engine , use an all season multi grade crankcase oil. Too, cover the bike with a tarp to protect engine and seat from rain and snow . Too, have a can of "starting fluid" handy if needed. Though you should have an engine "choke" for cold starts, it is a good idea to have some "starting fluid" on hand just in case.

If you can store it in a" sheltered" area ,( even under a porch or unheated hallway), it can be a plus.

It's OK with me, go ahead and leave it out in the harsh environment including blizzards, thunderstorms and inclimate weather down burst updrafts.

No harm to an air cooled engine. No harm to a water cooled engine, as long as the anti freeze mix is correct. Good to cover it, but not essential.

In chaparral -racing.com---the Guardian Grey weatherall motorcycle cover---60 bucks ( may be a bit higher or LOWER---they also have many more).