> Is it illegal to do wheelie in a parking lot?

Is it illegal to do wheelie in a parking lot?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 


All shopping malls have Public parking lots. Meaning the public can drive their car there and park it.

. Popping a wheelie in a full Lot will bring the police down on you hard.

Not in control of your vehicle,

unable to make an emergency stop...safely.

is just 2 of the half dozen charges they can nail you with. Points, points and a monetary fine.

Parking lots are insured for public safety and you threaten that so the mall can add additional charges.

. Find an empty field or lot that no one owns so if you break you neck, you cannot chase after the land owner for his insurance.


He was busy loading his shotgun with SALT at the time.

You were trespassing.

. In short it is as legal as doing it on the Freeway...and as safe.

If you own the parking lot and it's closed to the public, you can do what you want. However, privately owned public parking lots, such as the Walmart parking lot, are considered extensions of public streets and therefore you must obey traffic laws on those parking lots. It's a matter of public safety as there are pedestrians and lots of cars moving about.

As long as it's a private lot, and you have permission to be there, it shouldn't be a problem. On public roads or lots, it's an instant ticket in my part of the country.

In our state it is ILLEGAL to do a wheelie any whair

Yes, anyone who committ's a "wheelie" will go directly to jail and face stiff penalties.

in illinois if u pop a wheelie anywhere but on ur property u can be taken to jail and ur bike impounded for reckless driving happend to me on my dirtbike

There aren't any specific laws about wheelies but I believe you could be charged for "reckless driving" or "disturbing the peace"

Yes it is. It's called reckless and imprudent driving.

Its only Illegal if you get caught.

Nope,private property.Do what you want.