> Is it bad to bog the engine?

Is it bad to bog the engine?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hi guys basically i recently passed my a2 test and i ride a suzuki sv650. When im not riding with my friends to get more MPG i usually short shift all the way to the highest gear and cruise from 30 mph to 75mph and at low speeds i noticed the engine bogging but i didnt know it was an issue until a few days ago someone said its bad for the engine. is that true? could someone give me some insight. thank you

Lugging the engine is very hard on all of the components of the engine, transmission and final drive. You can feel it in the sluggishness of the bike.

Short shifting is fine, as long as you aren't lugging the engine. Top gear at 30mph is way too soon

Yes. "Lugging" the engine not only wastes fuel, but it's hard on the crankcase bearings and the clutch/transmission. Find the RPM range where your engine produces peak torque, and try to keep the engine spinning somewhere around that number.

You English: bonnets, boots, spanners, and "bogging out." Lugging the engine is bad for it because the connecting rods are slamming very hard into the crankshaft at low rpm with marginal lubrication. (Ever notice your oil pressure is lower at idle?) Worst case you will bust your con rods and score your crank. Notice the extra vibration at low rpm? Let's include breaking the engine mounts and the frame welds.

Yes , bogging or lugging the engine is hard on it . Just shift normally and if your goal is fuel economy simply avoid high revving

i don't do it anymore, we call it lugging the motor. its like you running from 5 foot deep water to pavement, its kinda hard on you.

theres me thinking im being clever by lugging the engine. thanks a lot guys