> Is a cruiser worth getting if it's only a little 125cc? Or a sports bike?

Is a cruiser worth getting if it's only a little 125cc? Or a sports bike?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I've decided to go for a bike rather than a scooter for my 125cc. I am absolutely in love with both the Kawasaki Eliminator 125 cruiser and the Yamaha YZF R125.

What I was wondering is, is a cruiser really worth if at 125? Or would you recommend waiting until I can get a 350+ or something? I know sports bikes have the better acceleration, and are slightly faster at 12.

How much would the performance of a Eliminator differ from the performance of a YZFR125? Like would it be a nice even ride, would the cruiser be lagging behind/ getting seperated by overtaking cars?

As you can tell I'm a noob rider.

In reality, the difference in performance isn't because the two bikes are different styles, but because the 125 Eliminator is one of the softest tuned 125cc bikes you can buy (12bhp against the Yamaha's 14.8bhp and on bikes that small and light, 2.8bhp is a big difference...).

Take a look at the Honda VT-125 instead. It has close to 15bhp, with performance not dissimilar to the YZF-R125. In the end, what's important is that you buy a bike you enjoy riding and owning, no matter what the make, model or type.

Assuming you are in the UK, it does not make much difference – both bikes are either restricted or engineered to a bhp limit. If you like the look of the cruiser styled bike that should be your choice and vice versa.

You mention getting separated, presumably you are thinking of riding in a group –?it is always worth remembering that you should never ride faster than you are comfortable with. At the beginning set a destination or a waypoint and head for that, if you fall behind you will still catch up with the group. If you try to tag along, especially from the tail, you will be trying harder and riding faster than the lead rider.

Ride Your Own Ride.

What do you want out of a motorcycle? Simple city transportation? Get a scooter. Are you laid back, relaxed? Get a cruiser. You want speed, playing on the track or playing racer on the streets (ignoring the traffic)? Get a sporty bike. The Cruiser will be faster than the Scooter, far slower than the sporty bike.

It doesn't matter what style your teensy tiny bike is cause it is still a teensy tiny bike, dude. Get whatever trips your trigger. With a 350 you'll be able to go on the highway without getting run over. A small bike is fine as a learner.

I wouldent recomend a cruiser there built for long striaght roads, heavy and have crap handling i wouldent get one unless i live in the middle of the desert in america the yzf125 will be ok for a beginner alot better performance than a cruiser

(asked my wife once- 'You want bigger or faster?' You don't want to know the answer :D

There are two kinds of bikes to ride-

One- The one that feels good to ride.

Two- The other ones.

Sorry to say but you'll need to figure out the 'bigger/faster' for yourself.