> In driving what is "Right of Way" I'm not talking about who gets right of way, i want to know WHAT is righ

In driving what is "Right of Way" I'm not talking about who gets right of way, i want to know WHAT is righ

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
The driver who is supposed to proceed without waiting for others to go first is often said to have "right of way."

This is sometimes mis-interpreted as "Right Away." As in, when the light turns green I have "right away" so I will proceed right away.

It also has a different meaning in real estate having to do with a legal right to travel or transport something across land belonging to someone else. But I don't think that is what you are after with your question.

There are two "right of way" definitions. Most are familiar with the right of way when you are behind the wheel.

The right of way behind the wheel is where one driver grants or gives the right of way, the right to move fist, to another driver. The right of way is never taken by one driver over another driver.

A traffic signal assigns the right of way to drivers (green signal) and pedestrians (walk indications). When you are assigned the right of way, you are allowed to move through the intersection. But it does not guarantee absolute right of way or safety. If there is a hazard, on coming traffic or a pedestrian in the way, you lose that right of way and cannot proceed.

The other one refers to the space occupied by the roadway, the roadway shoulder and land adjacent to the roadway. This area is also used by utility companies for their above ground and underground lines and equipment. On private property, it's called an easement.

In an intersection, right of way means pecking order who has rights to go first. Of course, emergency vehicals with red lights flashing but also tractor trailers have right of way..if your car is over that white line? You gotta move not him..then again, if he needs more room, DOT states you have to move back or even on curb to get out of his way! If he hits you, it's your fault not his..that's what right of way means. They created these laws of right of way so emergency and commerce from trucks take priority over commuters. But, commercial trucks and emergency vehicals are also required to log their routes and pay extra in taxes for the privilege of having priority and those right of ways.

In the U.K. that phrase has no meaning at all, because NOBODY has "right of way". Ever.

Under certain circumstances, you may have "priority" over other road users, but the law says that you never, ever have "right on way", anywhere on British roads.

In UK there is no right of way when driving. Where right of way exists it relates to the right to travel down a road, footpath or similar and comes up when there are disputes about driveways or other access to land and houses.

at a roundabout cars coming from your right has right of way to go first in uk,you must always give way to traffic on you right

It's the right to proceed without having to give way to other road users, they have to give way to you.

No such thing. You mean priority. That is the car on their side of the road. If you cross the centre line you do not have priority over oncoming traffic.

"Right of way" is the right to go first, and to make everyone else wait for you.

and you're behind the wheel? wow.