> I'm almost old Enough to get my license and I am going to get a Harley is that impressive, would girls be impressed?

I'm almost old Enough to get my license and I am going to get a Harley is that impressive, would girls be impressed?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I don't really care if people are impressed or not but its more of a bonus.

Harleys are okay bikes, but very expensive for what they are. I wouldn't recommend you learn to ride on one because you're likely to be hard on your first bike and Harleys are expensive to fix. The Sportster is their traditional 'entry level' bike but it's just not up to the standard of comparable Japanese machines. This year Harley came out with relatively small/light water-cooled bikes, a 750 and a 500, and those would make good trainers (which they are designed to be) but they're new and you want to learn on a used bike.

I like to impress girls too, but unless a girl rides herself (I mean rides her own bike, not herself) she's not going to know the difference between a Harley and a moped. I think a Japanese cruiser would impress her just as much.

If you like cruisers, they have a lot of advantages for beginners. Look on your local Craigslist and see what you might pay for a recent, low-mileage, good-condition Honda Shadow. Or Suzuki Boulevard C50 or M50. Or Kawasaki Vulcan. Anything 900-1000cc and down would be fine. And a nice used one would be about half what the comparable Harley would cost, unless it's a Sportster.

In comparison tests between low-to-medium-sized cruisers--Sportster, Vulcan, Shadow, etc.--the Sportster always comes out on the bottom! Look on YouTube and you'll see. I think a girl would be equally impressed with any of these bikes. Get a bike that fits YOUR needs and likes and other criteria, it will make no difference to the girl.

Girls will be impressed, but is that the only reason to get a Harley.

You never stated how much riding experience you have. If not, any big (Harley) bike will get you down and stomp on you like a wild bronco. Don't let your ego override good judgment, get a lighter, smaller bike first.

I guess it would be impressive if you earned the money to buy it. If mommy and daddy are buying it for you then no. I read some of your other questions and I've come to the conclusion that you're just a teenager desperate to get laid. I have news for you... girls can smell desperation and it won't matter what you ride or drive.


Also, you wont get insurance for a Harley at 16.

They are heavy low powered bikes excellent for beginners. Just don't damage it. They get very expensive. Hope you can pick it up.

Btw 883 and sportsters are girly.

A Rookie on a Harley? BIG mistake.

Mate if your not getting laid without a bike you won't get laid with one, that simple maybe work on personality and confidence instead

Simple people get impressed by almost anything...