> I hit a car in the school parking lot?

I hit a car in the school parking lot?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I hit a car at school...?

So I'm 16 and I've been driving to school for only a few weeks now. Today I was trying to turn into my parking spot and I misjudged the distance between my car and the truck beside me. When I turned in I barely hit the bumper of his truck. He didn't get mad or anything because nothing happen to his truck but my car had a scratch on it. He said it was no big deal but I still feel really bad and I'm also embarrassed. I have to see him everyday for the rest of the year because we park next to each other. It's just embarrassing because people saw and now I'm scared I'll hit him again and I feel like a terrible driver. I just can't stop thinking about it and it bothers me so much because my car was brand new and it's already going to have to be fixed on that side because I hit a pole but it's just different when you hit another car please help

I hit a mailbox and a parked car, I even had a hard time parking and getting out of parking spots when I started driving. I was so embarrassed but that did not stop me from driving! I'll admit I still have a hard time driving but I am getting better. You are still practically still learning. Overtime you will get better. Don't let this stop you from moving forward. Just relax and stay focused.

It'll be okay be glad nothing happened. You'll just learn to be a better driver from it. I hit a car going about 5 mph off a highway exit ramp and nothing happened to their car except I got a scratch on my bumped. All it taught me was to pay more attention in those kind of situations. Mistakes happen when you first start driving it just makes you a better driver.

Dude... Dont worry. in life people get over things like this fairly quickly. if it really bothers you that you have to see this person everyday... just consistantly remind yourself that it was an accident. if his car is okay, then everything is okay. especially if hes not mad about it. i'd be more worried about him trying to get payback or something immature like that haha.

You should be worried about way more important things.

I'd take your car keys and melt them down and make a paper weight.

so you've hit a pole and another car already ... maybe you shouldn't be driving

Relax. Calm down.

Don't be so dramatic!