> I got into a car accident?

I got into a car accident?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
The light turned green at the stoplight and me and the car in the other lane started to go. However, on the opposite side, a truck decided to turn left at that moment so me and the other car had to stop in the middle of the intersection for the truck to go through. Well the car behind me bumped into me.

There looked to be no damage on my car or the lady who rammed into me's car. When the bump happened I was sent forward, backward and hit the head of my seat, then forward again. We called the police and got all the legal stuff done. They asked me if I wanted a paramedic. I said no since my car got no damage, that must mean I don't have any damage. Plus I didn't want to make a big deal out of anything. I have anxiety, OCD, and I'm pretty sure hypochondriac so I tend to get hysterical over things. I've been trying to not be like that anymore.

However, I had a big headache that eventually went away. I'm on the second day of my period so headaches, tiredness, and generally being out of it is normal.

I heard that if I go to sleep with a concussion I won't wake up, is that true?

That's not a concussion. You are fine. Go back to bed.

It's POSSIBLE but it sounded like you were merely "bumped"...not a Nascar Rear Ended accident at high speeds. I wouldn't worry about it. Take a couple of aspirin before you go to bed. You WILL wake up the next morning and if you're that worried...go see a doctor and get an MRI. ( I don't think they'll find anything except your anxiety though. )

you're fine dont worry :)

thats myth