> I don't like my christmas present?

I don't like my christmas present?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I'm crying as I write this and I know I look like an ungrateful little **** but I'm very grateful.

I got a scooter for christmas, like a moped. And the moment I saw it outside I burst out crying because I was overwhelmed, it was seriously too much, my mum then proceeded to tell me it was 550-600 pounds, I'm a girl and 16 years of age and from the UK (England), the law here is that you can start your moped training at 16 but the following year you can start driving at 17, and my mum had questioned me a few times throughout the year about mopeds, and I had always answered I had no interested in getting one because what would be the point? I can get a car the following year (not as a xmas gift, jesus no! But get it myself as well as my license) And seriously, I was so annoyed and felt a little let down and I cried throughout the day when no one was around. The worst of it is my dad had went ahead and got himself one for 300 so we could go out together and I just feel SO much worse, I told my mum I didn't want it and was really angered by it, because a boy I know had gotten one and got the p**s taken out him. I don't want this, I seriously don't. I was also so scared when he suggested going out a run (we live in the countryside). How on earth do I tell my mum I don't like it? And my dad? They always knew I've never been good with surprises, I feel like s**t because I'm letting them down and my mum even asked me today "Are you disappointed?" and I could see how upset

I can understand your viewpoint, though I do not fully agree with it. In my view, they have been incredible parents, giving you something that should give you a lot of freedom and fun if you grasp the opportunity.

For example, you can learn a lot more about road-craft on a bike or scooter in a year than you ever will in a car. Things that will make you a far better and safer car driver later.

The scooter would be cheap to insure, tax and run (a lot cheaper than any car), easier to find a parking space for and quicker in heavy traffic.

You won't be used as free a taxi by your 'friends'.

And anyone that laughs at you is probably only being envious.

But, if you really can't accept the gift, say so as soon as possible and get the conversation started - they may be able to get the money back, for example.

Finally, in my view you are not letting anyone else down if you are honest. You may be missing an opportunity, but not letting anyone else down.

Happy New Year.


First off you should tell them the truth while you do appreciate and love them dearly that they would spend money on a moped for you but you did not really wanted one. Just make sure you are really tactful about it. Also I think you should give it a go it is free, it will aid in learning how to drive a car, and you can spend some quality time with your dad which will make him quite happy. The only reason the boy was given **** for was due to mopeds are not seen as rather girly and you will probably given less **** about it, if any, than he was. And so what you have wheels and the everyone else can take a hike (literally)

WOW...thank goodness they didn't give you STICKS ! Thank your lucky stars for the opportunity . Obviously, they wanted you to be pleased , and it appears your dad even got a bike so you guys could learn something together.

I've been riding bikes since I was a kid, and now almost 60 years. It gave me confidence, great experience and understanding of road surfaces, developed a lot of coordination, and made me a better driver no matter what else I operate.

Frankly, you should be disappointed in yourself...NOT them. You are too na?ve to understand that you have been given an opportunity to "grow" , and your Parent's want you too. If only you knew.

"Bite your tongue" , and never mind the fool next door who messed up. It's your chance to SHINE.

It's your chance to look at the positive instead of looking for the negative. Your chance to realize that maybe ...just maybe, your parent's plan is awesome. Go for it girl. Peace.

Have you ever heard the saying, "It's better to give than receive"?

That means the gift giver gets pleasure from seeing the happiness on the face of the receiver.

In this case, your parents seem like wonderful parents who love their child and thought the scooter would make her as happy as can be.

The fact that you don't care for the gift, will only make them sad that they didn't give you a gift that you would enjoy.

I'm sure they would be happy to get you a gift of your choosing.

Do you love your parents?

How do you think they would feel if they found out that they made you cry by giving you a scooter?

They would be more hurt from making you cry, rather than you're not wanting the scooter.

Look at it this way:

Your parents give you a gun for Christmas.

Most people I know would not accept it. Would you?

I'm sure they would feel that you loved them enough to tell them you didn't want it.

They would gladly get you something of your own choosing to make you happy.

Ask yourself some questions:

"How would my parents feel if I never rode the scooter and I let it gather dust and rust in the backyard?"

"How would my dad feel if I never rode the scooter with him, because I don't like to ride?"

"How would my parents feel if they finally realized I didn't ride the scooter because I don't like it and never wanted it?"

"How would my parents feel if the gift they gave, made me cry (not in a joyful way)?"

Stop crying for a week.

Talk to your dad and ask of his interest in riding scooters.

Indulge his passions.

As he's asking you questions about riding, give him subtle answers that you don't care that much for it.


Dad - I can't wait to go riding with you. Are you excited?

Eliza - Not really. I'd rather ride on the back with you. I probably won't ride it much. I rode on my friends scooter and I hated getting my hair messed up in the helmet. I don't care to get sweaty and dirty from wearing so much protective gear.

Don't say them all at once. Use a sentence now and again in your conversations.

Show your parents you love them for giving such a lavish and thoughtful gift.

Be grateful your parents gave you a gift from their hearts.

After the Christmas celebrations have subsided, ask one of your parents, "Would you be upset if I wanted to exchange one of my presents for something I would like more?"

Don't say the scooter until they ask what present.

Ask the parent that loves you most and would do anything to make you happy.

I don't think either would be upset about your not wanting the scooter.

Please don't feel selfish about not wanting your Christmas present.

Many families return gifts.

Girls - They'll exchange for a different colored blouse if they already have that one.

Boys - Instead of a soccer ball they might change it for a football (rugby ball).

Hope this wasn't to long for you.

Smile - Tis the season to be jolly.

Merry Christmas!

Do yourself a favor and try it before locking in on your decision that you dont like it ! You cant go by info from others because everyone is different. I bought my girl friend a bike years back and she was downright pissed off saying it was the last thing she would ever want! yet once I actually got her to try it she totally fell in love with it and said it was the coolest thing she ever got! Sure cars are nice but no car will ever give you the feeling of joy and freedom that a bike can provide, its something you have to experience to even start to understand!

You can tell him that you love them for the thought, but don't want that at all, maybe they can return it

Honesty is always the best in the long run

If you can't tell them get an understanding relative/friend of your parents to tell on your behalf, telling them you were too afraid to tell them because you know they meant well

Good luck!

I got enough time off work to drive 350 miles to go visit my old man at the cancer ward for one hour and was extremely happy, even if I couldn't even give him a hug, and you are crying because you got a free scooter.

Sorry for your horrible christmas. Maybe next year they will give you a car and a pony to make up for it.

Try it , you'll like it .