> Huge staple in back tyre?

Huge staple in back tyre?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Is this safe or do I need to get it checked out? I ride a Suzuki Bandit 600 SK4. I've been keeping an eye on it for a couple of days and the tyre seems to be ok. Mind you I haven't gone above 60 with the staple lodged in there yet.

If you continue to ride with the staple in the tire, the tire will eventually go flat.

Even if the tire isn't punctured at the moment, as time goes on the staple will get pushed deeper into the tire.

Pull out the staple.

It the tire has a leak, replace it.

If the tire doesn't leak, be prepared to get a flat at the least opportune moment.

No, it's not safe. It's time for a new tire.

Some people will plug the holes if the holes are in the tread of the tire, not the sidewall. There are tire patch kits and if used properly, they can give you some more life on the tire.

Just remember that if the tire goes flat while you are riding, you risk a loss of control and crash.

Ride to a tyre place, either dealership or specialist, check the tyre pressure, remove the staple, go and have a cuppa, come back and check the pressure, if it has not gone down significantly (it will have gone down slightly due to temperature changes), I would ride home. If it has gone down, pop into the tyre shop and get it replaced (or plugged, there is a lot said about plugs, much of it is misinformed, speak to an expert).

get transport ready for trip to tire shop, pull the staple and see if tire goes flat. check length of staple arms, compare to tire thickness as rough guess and remember that Flatfix sealants can work for awhile on small holes. If plenty of tread and seems holes only to be in rubber- not deep in cord- can run it quite awhile. This is possible if you have a very short legged staple somewhat common for light cardboard boxes that is not getting through cords. Tubeless tire with tiny hole/leak can get tubes in them for some long get home trips at highway speeds. don't leave it in to make a final puncture.

You need to first consider how much life is left in the tire.If its more than half way gone I would order a new one and not ride it untill then. If you choose to repair it remember never put a tire plug in a motorcycle tire, its not safe,,Motorfycle tires are pretty thin rubber and a plug would pull out or gete slung out. You can patch the tire from the inside but it will lower the speed rating of the tire to about 45mph. Just get a new tire.

Like dude, put a little dish soap in a glass of water and rub the soapy water over the staple. If it is leaking you will see bubbles. If you see tiny bubbles but can ride it somewhere close by to have it fixed, do that. If you don't see bubbles pull the staple and recheck with the soapy water. No bubbles means no leak. This is rocket science. Soapy water (called Snoop) is used to check for leaks in spacecraft. No charge for rocking your world, dude.

One of two choices or three of five choices.

One- You pull the staple and if it goes flat it needs to be fixed.

Two- You don't pull the staple and it goes flat ALONG the highway and , of course, really far from anything.

Three- You pull the staple and nothing happens.

Four- You don't pull the staple and ISIS invades your country.

Five- A kindly old elf will visit your bike on Christmas Eve and piss all over it just because he wanted a Honda with fresh tires and without staples.

If it's not leaking air it's safe to ride, I would pull it out myself and see if it goes flat otherwise it might just go in deeper and really puncture it if hasn't done so

spray some soapy water around the staple and wiggle the staple a bit and see if it bubbles as air leaks out

Take it to a repair shop and see what they say- either a repair or new tyre but dont just keep riding on it.