> How to transport a motorcycle?

How to transport a motorcycle?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I have a pickup truck I'm not sure it even has any hooks for me to attach a strap to to tie down the bike.... No idea how I can get it in... Do I need to buy some ramp of sorts? Is it possible to just lay it down in the bed of the pickup?

This is not hard if your truck isn't 4 feet off the ground. If you have a regular truck drop the tailgate. Drive the bike up to within a couple of feet of the dropped tailgate. While the bike is running, place feet on ground towards the back of the bike. Hang onto the handle bars tightly, give it some gas to rare it up on its back tire, set the front tire of the bike on the tailgate and shut off bike.

Have a friend get in the truck bed and hang onto the handle bars and pull. You lift up the rear of the bike by the back tire and ease it into the pick up.

Have two ratchet straps or motorcycle tie downs ready. Run the first strap behind the center of the handle bars and if there are no hooks on the inside front corners of your bed, simply put the hooks in the post holes at the front corner. Now, put all your weight on the handle bars to push the bike down, while your friends it tightening the strap.

The second strap goes through the back tire, center of rear of tire, through the spokes. Hook the tie down to the back corners and tighten up.

The second tie is important to keep the bike from moving forward and also for creating pressure so the front strap doesn't move or slip. Keep them tight.

Do not lay it down, wheel it up a ramp and then stand it on its sidestand, use some ratchet straps to tie down the bike. Try to avoid compressing the suspension too much but you will have to compress it.

There are any number of calamity videos on Youtube of people making mistakes getting their bikes into pick ups –?do not, under any circumstances, ride it up nearly always ends in disaster. You will need a surprisingly long ramp for a pickup truck as they are quite tall, but the ramp must not be too flexible or smooth and ideally a spare for you to walk up next to it. Ideally two people pushing from each side and supporting it as it gets to the top and one person standing in the bed of the truck pulling on a strap around the bars. Same to get it off.

No, you don't want to lay it down. unless is a piece of crap dirt bike you don't care about. Even then, all of the fluids will migrate and that's not good.

There are about a million YouTube videos of how to tie a bike down in a pickup. Watch a couple dozen of them and figure out how that applies to your bike and your truck. Yes, you will need a ramp of some sort.

Find an agricultural dealer with a permanent loading ramp, some stores that deal with trucks and heavy materials have loading docks. Back your pickup truck up to one, drive motorcycle onto pickup, note where attachment points would work best. Remove motorbike, go to a hardware, or automotive store, purchase 'D' ring hooks for pickup bed, or adapting hooks that fit into rail holes in pickup box. Most elaborate would be to buy a dedicated motorbike wheel stand for front wheel of bike and bolt it to the bed of truck. Buy straps to go from bike to pickup box, most elaborate would be dedicated adapters for front handle bars on bike with attachment points for straps.

Shop around between motorcycle and hardware stores, don't be afraid to ask for help.

I find some of the stores selling ratchet tie down straps labeled as "motorcycle" straps are the worst on the market. Some of the best idiot proof and most secure tie down straps are military surplus...but expect to pay for extreme quality and idiot proof features.

Buy for extreme knocks and bumps. You can buy a lot of quality gear for the repair price of a dropped motorcycle.

If you can back toe truck up to a grade such as a bank, you can lay a plank flat and roll it in.

Much better than a ramp.

When you strap it down, strap the bars and compress the forks at least 1/2 way.

turn of the gas, lay it down. put something heavy on top. maybe a tarp with bricks tied to it. an walaaahhhh

remove you all fuel, take a long roof tied your motorcycle .