> How to transport a four wheeler without a truck?

How to transport a four wheeler without a truck?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Im going to get a four wheeler soon but we don't have a truck. Are there any methods to transport without a truck? And I can't just drive it to the trail or dirt because I don't live in the country and I have to pass busy roads to get to the trails and there are many cops so I would be arrested. So what are my options to transport it?

You will either need a truck or a trailer and a vehicle to pull the trailer.

You can put a hitch on most cars. Most cars have a 2000 pounds towing capacity. As long as the weight of the trailer and the ATV doesn't exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle, you can use your current car to pull the ATV to the trails.

I use www.etrailer.com to buy hitches for my cars. You have to install them. Most of the time it's pretty easy if you are mechanically inclined.

Check your owner's manual of your car for its towing capacity.

You can rent a pick-up truck or a trailer ( if you have a car with a trailer coupling ). You can ask the dealer ( if that is where you bought it from ) about a delivery service. You can also hire a transport company to deliver it for you.

Harbor Freight Tools sells a small trailer that you can assemble yourself for around 300. . I've built them before, and they work well for small loads like a quad.

Google - pick up truck rental

U Haul rents pick-up trucks for $20 a day

A trailer

Pay a hobo $50 bucks to ride it to where you want. You follow from a safe distance

A TRAILER that you can pull behind a car is enough.

Push it.