> How to stop making stupid mistakes while driving?

How to stop making stupid mistakes while driving?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I got my license a few months ago and I have become a good and defensive driver most of the time. However, sometimes I just **** up for no good reason. I have ran a couple red lights (while on my permit), I almost hit two pedestrians while making a left turn (wasn't a green arrow), I hit a tire in the middle of the road, I've gone off the road a couple times, and the list goes on. How can I quit making these kinds of mistakes? I'm really tired of it.

Practice. After 45 years of driving I still wonder how I went wrong every once in a while. It takes about 3 years to be reasonably proficient at driving... at least you know you aren't there yet. Not everybody does.

Nice of you to ask. The mistakes are based on lack of knowledge and lack of experience and lack of training. It is impossible for you to claim to be a good and defensive driver on your own for you have no basis, no references which make you unqualified for such an evaluation. Only a trained experience professional can do such evaluations. Use Google to locate "teen driving courses" in your area, locations, dates and prices. This training is invaluable. Also AAA offers courses to those with licenses. The reason as to the pedestrians issue is you ASSUME you have the right of way. YOU DO NOT. Each intersection can be different but for the most part, when a driver gets a green light so do pedestrians. A driver cannot go forward into a turn WITHOUT checking for pedestrians FIRST. The issue of car control is one of complex physics and formulas for friction, kinetic energy, etc. Very complex. I can go on but it is best you get professional instruction during a formal course. There is ample information online but you have no clue were to look. That is why these courses are vitally important. Speeding, defined NOT just on the basis of the speed limit but as to conditions, is a primary cause. Distractions are a huge cause of teen crashing. Not looking for trouble ahead is another. Drivers must be on the lookout no only for their mistakes but for the mistakes of others as well. Thanks for writing but from what you include you NEED these lessons quickly. Check AAA for lessons and pay to take them. In the meantime, start by reading the car manual from cover to cover. Inside there are safety instructions or just information needed to be safe and a better driver. Good luck.


be more attentive when driving - turn off or down the music, keep your eyes " scanning ' all around you, not just looking straight ahead ; look down the road at least 1/4 of a mile, etc etc..............if you can afford it, a defensive driving school is a worthwhile investment

Thats why there are so many accident. S*** happens even to the best of us. Pay attention. ALWAYS expect the other guy to do something stupid, watch out. If everyone was perfect we wouldn't need insurance.

Think and drive.....don't get distracted by your thoughts.....stay on task and be PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE.....you get experience by making mistakes.....learn from them....

Sorry... But stupidity has no cure.. Just practice practice and practice:)

Use more bad language. It got you to ask the correct question.

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