> How do you make honda nsc50r moped quicker?

How do you make honda nsc50r moped quicker?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I know you can buy the MALOSSI MULTIVAR 2000 VARIATOR KIT?that adds an extra 10mph to the top speed but is there anything else you can buy? e.g. exhaust etc. Thank you

Remove the baffles from inside the muffler or remove the muffler in all it will allow much better air flow

An after-market / performance exhaust system will do good on a 2 stroke. Also, you can remove the restrictor washer from infront of the variator if you have not already. Lighter weight rollers will also see an improvement in acceleration, usually around 5 gram is a good choice.


Anything other than standard and it will no longer be a legal Moped. So your V5, Insurance, Licence, MOT and Road Tax would all have to be up rated to a Light Motor Bike only you could not even use it for the Driving test so no one would buy it when you decide to sell

Andy C

Save the cash you would have spent trying to make it quicker and buy a bigger bike as and when you can. A variator suggests that you are changing the gearing, and the motor will not have enough power to pull the higher gearing.

you can chuck hundreds of pounds at a 50cc to increase the speed by some 5-6 mph but why if you want more speed get a bigger bike if you are only 16 then why risk nodding your moped out of moped spec there-fore making it illegal for a 16 year old to ride