> How do I convince my mom to let me buy a motorcycle?

How do I convince my mom to let me buy a motorcycle?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Ok so my mom doesn't let me buy myself a motorcycle because she thinks they are too dangerous? I think that anything you drive is dangerous it just depends on the driver. Anybody have reason to back me up? Please support your answers with facts. I'm 17 and she won't let me have a bike unless I move out.

Motorcycles are definitely more dangerous, no matter how careful you are. You are more likely to have an accident per mile or riding than driving a car, and when you do the consequences are more severe. We who ride recognize the risk and most of us try to ride as safely as possible. So denying the danger is not really a good plan.

Maybe you could convince her to let you get a moped or a little scooter that tops out around 30-35 mph. Ride that for 6 months or a year (maybe shorter) and if you don't have a serious accident you could move up to a bigger bike.

I started riding when I was a kid . Still riding over 50 years later .

Motorcycles are in my opinion the best way to understand: road surfaces, momentum, gearing, braking, acceleration ,weather etc.. Too, in my opinion it makes you a SAFER driver in the long run (no matter what you later drive ).

Frankly, motorcyclists by the very nature of their ride MUST become better drivers to survive , and generally are far more aware of their riding environment and both the capabilities and limitations of vehicles. Realistically , motorcyclists that drive like FOOLS don't last long , and can't get away with a lot of the things car drivers do. NO vehicle is FOOL PROOF however !

You should accentuate the aspect of becoming a BETTER/SAFER driver learning to ride a motorcycle . If your parents are so insecure to consider you a fool , I suspect they will be leery about you driving ANYTHING. Good luck. Peace..

I'm in the same boat, my mother has no problem with it doe, it's my dad he hates bikes.. His brother drove one, his best friend drove one and his brother in law drove one (all are still alive, the best friend took a tumble some years back but he's ok)

His answer first off was 'you must be ******* joking' but I said 'dad honestly, I know they are dangerous but I know it is something I will regret if I don't do it' his reply now is 'well get the money together and by that stage you'll be 18'

You have two choices-

Live without a bike.

Or move out

I'm not your stepfather and won't wipe your @ss for you so make up your mind or get over it.

I could convince your mom * IF * you have been riding pedal bicycles on the streets for the last 5+ years.

Otherwise, I wouldn't let you on a motorcycle! Learn how to ride a pedal bicycle on the streets.

There are degrees of dangerous. Cars are dangerous, but motorcycles are more dangerous. Last month a teenage driver wasn't paying attention, and hit my car so hard that he totaled it. But I was completely unhurt. If I'd been driving a motorcycle, that might have killed me.

You're 17. You have your whole life ahead of you. Wait until you're 40-something and married and the whole "til death do us part" bit of your vows seems strangely exciting THEN go out and buy a bike. That's what I did.

tell your mom seeing you dont have a motorcycle you have lots of spare time so you are thinking of trying crack or being a male hooker .she will have you biking in no time

bikes are not dangerous it is other road users not seeing you and reacting to what you are doing . ride defensively and all will be ok