> First motorcycle ?

First motorcycle ?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
My friend is selling me a 450sc nighthawk 1985 with 17,000 miles on it. Runs good I was wondering if for a first timer bike would it be bad ? How does it run ? Is it easy to drive ?

I had a 1986 Nighthawk 450 as my commuter for several years and 60,000 miles. Of all the motorcycles I've owned, that was my favorite. I think the only difference between this and the 1985 model is that the '86 had a painted front fender and the '85 has a chromed one.

> I was wondering if for a first timer bike would it be bad?

A little heavy for someone who is completely unfamiliar with motorcycles. Take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course before riding around the 450, so you can get used to a motorcycle.

> How does it run?


o Remember to change the oil.

o Remember to lube the chain, and get it adjusted. You're going to need a new chain every 20,000 miles or so.

o The battery compartment is warm. Get a cheap lead-acid battery that you can see into, so you can see when to add distilled water. My experience was that a sealed battery would cook and since you can't see into it nor add water to it, I got stranded about 14 months into having the sealed battery, like clockwork.

> Is it easy to drive ?

Yes. My favorite of all I've had.

Great starter bike, you bet. The mileage is great, too. 17k on a Nighthawk is nothing. I bought a 1985 Honda Magna vf700c with 16k on it and have it up to 24k after two seasons. With proper maintenance and a qualified mechanic, there is no reason I won't get 85k or more out of it. You're getting a great bike. I'd snap it up, if I were you. My first bike was a 1984 Kawasaki GPz 400. 450cc's is not too big for a first bike, not at all.

It's a good starter bike.

Take a motorcycle training course. Get your license.

Personally my first bike was a 2003 Honda hadle 600 vlx it's a very nice bike. The bike your buddie has is way older than you should be looking for try and get a bike with fewer miles and newer.

17000 miles on a Honda twin is nicely run in provided services have been performed regularly & properly. Those engines are good for 60000 miles at least before major work needed. Get a mechanic to check it for you just in case. Use his report as a basis for haggling over final price.

Buy yourself a Haines (or similar) manual & learn t odo your own routine service work - saves money & the knowledge gained WILL help you one day.

I wouldn't buy it 1 because it's a 450 for your 1st bike and also its kinda old and got alot of miles for a starter bike I would try to get anything a 250cc

It is a great bike but remember it is old 40 years old that makes it a collectable.

It's a better pick than most make.

I second the training comments.