> Driving without shoes? What's the big deal?

Driving without shoes? What's the big deal?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 

I just recently have started studying to get my driver's license. I have my student's license but I have to have someone over 18 with me in the car. *So I know a lot, but i'm still learning too*

Anyway, I know that by law you must wear shoes while driving *at least in my state*....My question is: Why? I mean sure it's really gross and your feet will probably stink up the pedals, but why is it by LAW you wear shoes? I mean, what if your shoe was loose and accidentally fell off and rammed the pedals? Or what if I was wearing heels and had a foot cramp?

How exactly does wearing shoes benefit you so much that by law you have to wear them?

I don't want to break the law, i'm just curious as why it's there. Thank you!

Every state I know of requires you to wear shoes if driving. They say if barefooted you cannot have the control needed to push on the brake peddle like you can with shoes. Guess you need to decide if that is correct or not, but is the law.

How do you think they would enforce that law? I don't get why people honestly believe that's a law over a recommendation, seeing as how cops don't have x-ray vision so they have no clue what you're doing. Also if your feet would stink up the pedals you need to see a doctor for whatever your problem is(keep in mind that shoes house feet and so they cause sweating and more heat as to them stinking, most people's feet in open air really don't stink, although socks might from being in the shoe). Flip-Flops are recommended against because they can catch on the pedal basically. A shoe itself would only offer a little extra protection in a collusion but that would be the only point possible.

I would think that a shoe or boot would offer your feet a little more protection in the event of a car accident.

I don't want my toes sliced off jack.

If you look at your hand, there are many small bones and joints which move a lot. If you look at your foot, it is much the same. If you use your bare feet on the pedals of your vehicle, you won't have the same control as you would with a flat surface on the bottom of your foot to stabilize the movement on the pedals.

Its a safety issue. People drop all sorts of junk onto the floor of their cars. Enough people dropped glass that broke and their feet got cut so a wreck was caused for insurance companies and police departments to notice. Sure, if you never put anything on the floor of your car you don't want the rule to apply to you. Dumb acts by others impact us.

The sole of a shoe or boot is harder than the sole of your feet so it is easier to push on the pedals harder with shoes on, so stopping quicker

I just went through the Texas manual for drivers and there is no reference that I found as to clothing to include shoes, shirts, nor pants, nor hats, nothing.

I know of no state that requires shoes to drive a car. That is a common myth, but generally untrue.

this is not true....

in most states they have a law which bans the use of flip-flops while driving but it is not illegal to be barefoot and drive....