> Driver's Side Car Seat Broke?

Driver's Side Car Seat Broke?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
The driver's seat in my Dodge-whatever car broke. The seat back no longer stays up and I have to pull myself to the wheel putting strain on my back. Plus seat belt pulls me back. I got no money and tying it seems to interfere with getting in and out of the car. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

Those things are pretty sturdy. They are made to not break in a crash. You might have something stuck in the lock. Look and see if the lock needs lube (wd 40) or if some trash has jammed it. If it still does not work i would check to see if i could switch the passenger seat with the drivers seat. Last resort...Check junk yards for a seat or for the locking mechanism.

I have been trying to find something all week. I am that poor to not have anything to wedge the seat, and poor to buy anything (still looking for a real, proper job). Believe me, I thought of this too. As for the seats, the adjusting levers are built into the seat and I would not be able to use the passenger side ones, if seats switched, because of the way the car has a middle station built in between the seats my hand would never fit. Also, the passenger seat is broken as well that it does not stay in the position adjusted. Thanks though.

Put something in the backseat to wedge the front seat forward. Milk crates, 2 X 4, plastic tote?

Figure out a way to block it so it stays where you need it. Seats are easy to change and cheap so when you can just replace it.

complex issue. look into onto yahoo. that will will help!