> Does this look like a scam?

Does this look like a scam?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I am selling my car and I responded to an inquiry and received this back.

"Thanks for the email. I read through the details on the ad and i am highly interested in purchasing the vehicle. I work with an international organization in Scotland and I just got a transfer bringing me down to the states. I do not think it would be wise to ship my car all the way from here so i decided to sell it and add a little cash so i can get another vehicle in the states. I would be in the states in 2 weeks time but would really appreciate it if you can hold the vehicle for me till i get there. Kindly let me know your final asking price and let me know which of the following items you have with the vehicle: Vehicle manual, spare tire, jack and spanner for changing tires,spare key and floor mats.If everything checks out then i can make arrangement to send a holding deposit to you so that you can hold the vehicle for me till i get to the states. I have international drivers license so you don't have to worry about me."

It seems legit, if he sends me money (not asking me to send him anything) I can't be out money and the rest would be paid when he actually picks up the car. Also why would he want more details? Seems like that's too much work if your just trying to scam some people. I don't have much experience with this so what does the community think?

He has not mentioned anything specific about your car in his email. He sends this exact same wording to thousands of people. He has a app that sends it to everyone selling a car on craigslist. He's looking for one sucker that will fall for his scam.

The check he sends will be fake. It will take many weeks or months before you bank figures out that the international check is no good. In the mean time he will decide he does not want the car or some sad story where he can't get to the US. Ask you for a refund of the deposit. He many even let you keep some of the money for your trouble etc. You send him the refund and later the banks calls and says the original check has bounced and you are screwed.

Typical scam

He wants more details so he can list your car for sale in another city and scam people into sending money for it

You NEVER sell to anyone you can't meet in person, transfer the title and have a witness or notary sign the Bill of Sale stating the sale is AS IS and offers no warranty or refunds or you will get screwed

scam scam scam scam every time.

You will get a forged check, and they will ask you to deposit the check and send them back a portion of it. The money you send is good, but the check is not.

Surprised you only got one of these... probably get more later.

If you want to get scammed, reply to these emails.

if you want to sell your car, demand cash in person sale. No check, no electronic payment, no agent or shipping company. And get one of those pens like stores use to check for counterfeit money too!


If you don't even get a call and the person doesn't show/schedule a test drive in person within a day or two, walk away from the "deal".

Doesn't mention the car or

Cash in hand for title, in person, zero exceptions.

Obviously there's enough retards with too much money still around for it to be worth their time.

Oldest scam on the net. I can hook you up with a Nigerian prince that's got 100millions cash,if you give me $100

Scam. For one thing an international drivers license isn't a license and proves nothing about the holder.

Rule of selling anything online, beware of any overseas offers, despite of it seems "legit". Like would you buy a car without actually looking at it in person? Don't accept any money from a person you aren't sure that exist.

Long-running scam.

Stop communication with the "buyer" and move on.

This is most likely the scam they are doing http://www.justtext.com/scams/fake-money-order-scam.html?y2

Looks perfectly legit.